Ahh...that explains it (part I)  

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Ahh...that explains it (part I)

Ok. I've calmed down. I'm going to try again to tell this story. I will leave out anything that might get me censored. Except sex. Hey, sex is why we're all here right? Love sex. Want sex. Need more sex. Want to experiment sexually. So if sex is what is allowed, than please Mr or Mrs Censor, leave me alone and let me try to explain why I...someone who is otherwise a pretty little "Stepford Wife" would consider sexual experimentation, extra-marital partners, etc. Hey I don't have that many "hot" experiences to relate (yet)so indulge me please...! I'll even do this in two posts so that one isn't too large.

I was married two weeks after I turned eighteen. Stupid thing to do. We stayed together for two and a half years before a nasty break up. A few months after Jeff and I said our "I do's", we went across the state to attend the wedding of one of Jeff's older sisters. She was in her late twenties and had a "bun in the oven", thus the wedding was held in late March (early April?). Jeff and I were both the "babies" of our respective families. I was a bridesmaid and Jeff was the "father of the bride" for the occasion.

The rehearsal dinner was held at the VFW and afterwards a bunch of us went over to the house owned by the parents of the groom's best man. (He still lived at home with his folks I think.)We partied pretty good and everyone got pretty trashed. At one point in the evening everyone had crashed except for Jeff and I and another couple about our own age (18-20). The four of us decided to slip out for some "fresh air", so we went out to the backyard. It wasn't too terribly cold for early spring, but it was snowing like crazy. I remember the gigantic white flakes floating down and melting when they hit your face. We call this "sugar snow" as it comes usually during maple sugaring season.

The back yard was pretty dark but you could see that they had a big (frozen) in-ground pool, a tennis court, and (Yahoo!) a huge hot-tub jacuzzi thingee. Must have been 10 feet long on each side. Well we decided pretty quickly that it was time to move the party to the hot tub, so the guys pulled the cover off, we all stripped down and climbed in. I thought about keeping on my bra and panties, but figured that being stuck with wet underwear would be a real pain, so I went bare assed naked same as the rest. Jeff and I sat on the step/seat on one side and the other couple sat across from us. I can't remember their names (we hardly knew them before or after.)but "Adam and Eve" were both very cute, blonde, athletic,and very much in love or lust. With the snow coming down and the steam rising from the tub and the yard being pretty much pitch black anyways, I could barely see Adam and Eve even though they were only few feet away from us. It was wicked cool sitting in the hot water, sipping champagne, and feeling the snow flakes falling on your head.

After a while, Adam and Eve started getting into some serious make-out action. Whispering, giggling, smacky kisses, little moans. I could tell that she was now sitting on his lap with her back to us. Jeff and I started kissing as well, hey if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em right? Just as things were starting to heat up, there's this big splash and a very large and naked man plops down into the tub right next to me. (Jeff was on my right side, now this guy was on my left.) I look over and it turns out to be the owner of the house, the father of the best man. He was around fifty I guess. Not bad looking for an "older man". No big beer belly or stupid looking hair. I didn't know what to say (I don't think Adam and Eve even noticed that he was there.)but he just turned to me and said something like "brought you some fresh champagne" and passed me another bottle. I think that it's safe to say that he was as trashed as the rest of us. Being "tipsy" has gotten this little blonde's ass into more trouble over the years. LOL

Part 2 (the good stuff) in the next post. L.

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