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1/16/2006 10:41 pm

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Ok, so I've come to realize that this is what my blogs will probably contain (mostly). Just random thoughts of whatever happens to be on my mind, met with the urge to actually write about them.

Yeah, you can probably tell how often that happens. Check out the last blog I posted and you'll see what I mean.

Nevertheless, here I am. And the thing on my mind deals with blogging itself. Here's what gets me. Why is there a mood option? (And, yes, that's a rhetorical question, so please don't try to enlighten me.) Seriously though, if one hasn't conveyed a mood with the writing they've set out to accomplish, hasn't one then failed to properly convey thought? That's how I view it anyway. If you're going to write something, at least make it worth reading. Don't use the "mood" crutch.

Deep, huh?

Does anyone ever read Maddox? I tend to agree with him when it comes to blogging (nevermind that I actually happen to be writing one at the moment). Do I think this is my 15 minutes? Absolutely not. Do I even want 15 minutes? Also a "no."

Anyway, enough on that.

Tonight is play night. Maybe even...ooh...broadcast night! Have you ever broadcast your auto-escapades on ALT? If not, I highly recommend it. It's a whole new twist on exhibition. (And it doesn't hurt to know that you're helping to make life a little steamy for whoever happens to tune in.) To date, I've done it once so far. My fair-sized audience was privy to views of a little tease - featuring me and a favorite toy. It was so hot! My profile doesn't say "tease" for nothing, trust me.

Actually, I'm probably off to too late of a start ot get to that tonight. Besides, I just got two new gadgets that I'm dying to try out, so I'll be a little preoccupied. If nothing else, I can always put on a porno for everyone to see. (Hmm...actually, I might have to check the legalities of that.)

I'm off to kink and then bed!



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