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4/6/2006 9:23 pm

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Today is Poets' Day.


Piss _ Off _ Early _Tomorrows _ Saturday

Perhaps youre with me now.

Youre thinking why is she sitting at her desk at 2 oclock on a Friday. I bet youre thinking that.

At the end of a rotten week too.

I got up at 5 am and came into my ofice at 6 so that I could get all of my work done early and spend some time online with my best friend who lives on the other side of the world surrounded by nazis and mountains. Whenever its my turn to do the early wakeup as my part of beating timezones I usually spend hours online with her and find that its quickly 9 am and Im running late for work. Not today, because its Poets Day.

Today had to be different because I'd made a lunch date with two wonderful friends, also legal ladies to have a very long Poets Day lunch. You know the type that starts with vodka and tonics and ends with a third bottle of chardonay and tipsy winks at the barman, mid-afternoon calls to the office saying I decided not to go back and please tell everyone Im down at the Land and Environment Court for the rest of the day.

I was first one in the office and I put the coffee percolator on in the kitchen and gave the outer office a quick going over with the vacume cleaner because I dont feel that our receptionist should do it every time.

Coffee in hand I went back to my office and turned Yahoo on in stealth mode to duck the millions of odd people who have accumulated on there in the past few years. It must be late evening there and I expect that she is on too even though I cant see her online because she almost always stays invisible, her way of staying on the edge of accessability in a way that drives everyone who knows her insane.

I love her as my best friend and as my once, and hopefully future, occasional lover. If that shocks you then you better click exit immediately because if you read more of my posts youre going to be truly shocked. Not right now, but later perhaps.

Today she was there and only took 10 minutes to answer me. Wonderful My heart went pip pop pip pop as it always does whenever shes with me in person or online and theres always that little element of risk with her that anything can happen including a little seepage.

I know she's going to read this and at first she's going to be pissed at me for writing about her. Then later she's going to be fine as always Yes you are.

I was feeling tired and a tiny bit resentful and I asked again why she had included a very intimate picture of us together in her album in Friends Network for everyone to see. Wellllllll!! Fuck me for asking !!!!

It went downhill from there so rapidly I couldnt believe it. Do I want to be deleted from her network? Are you kidding me, now dont be like that. No. of course not. How can you ask that?

We got through that and for 15 minutes I feel that Im walking on eggshells and I know its not her periods because we overlap.

Finally she said something and it hurt my feelings very deeply and I'm putting it here. She said that I shouldnt put so many comments on her blog posts. Baby its only a blog

She said I shouldnt put comments on the blog posts of her friends. Baby theyre only internet friendships

Now wasnt that a silly thing for me to say!!!

See Im not laughing. Im serious. See how contrite I am.

We arent going to stop being friends and we arent going to stop loving each other.

Its the first time we've ever disagreed about anything and I blame the distance and all the changes she has been dealing with since she left. I blame myself too and thats always what I seem to do. Mea culpa.

Then it was midnight for her and she went to do whatever she does there and I sat and felt like crying but didnt.

My colleagues/partners started drifting in around that time, someone brought me another cup of coffee, and I started doing wahtever it is that I do.

A phone call from reception tells me that a 10 am meeting with a client has been deferred. Good. I have work to do and I want to get out of this office because Poets Day can usually bring its own enjoyment even when you start off feeling like shit.

Colleague walks in at 11 am and tells me that an appeal that we have both been working on isnt continuing. Our client has been outspent by a rich opponent and we have been outgunned by a large inner city law firm. I feel frustrated and sad and a little angry because I feel strongly that our client's interests and rights have been completely ignored by a judiciary that sleeps constantly with the enemy (large corporations)and because right wing bias in the selection of judges .... dont let me get started on that.

The clock ticked its way towards 12.30 as I feverishly cleaned up outstanding work and put everything into neat little bundles for filing later. I have to do that because otherwise it accumulates into one large mess on my desk and then takes over my shelves. Saturday afternoons are usually filing time because we arent successful enough to employ a filing clerk. One day I will regain my Saturdays.

I dont know what happened this morning, but something let the gremlins into the court lists and both of my friends call on the cell phones to say that they are still stuck in their respective 'lists' and waiting to be 'heard'. No boozy lunch today

Can we have drinks later? Oh fuck yes.

Poets Day isnt over and later Im going to wait for them, perched on a tall stool at my favourite watering hole and tease the stock-brokers who cant help themselves from their compulsion to speak overly loud to each other about their deals and commissions and their Porches in the hope that some dizzy airline stewardess, shop girl, or secretary hears them and gives them an inviting smile.

Dream on you lame fucks!! lol

That was today so far. Poets Day.

If I have time before I slash my wrists or hike it to the bar, whichever is the sooner, I'll tell you about my week.

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