Wet morning,....  

Elegant_N_Nasty 50F
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8/6/2006 7:23 am

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8/18/2006 8:46 pm

Wet morning,....

Good morning AdultFriendFinder fans!

Like some of you this morning I woke up wet...my clit aching to be touched. I reached down and ummmm, my "cookie" was so hot. I pulled back the covers to expose my freshly shaven pussy. As I started to finger my pussy... I knew I need much more.

I got "BAM" out... and for all of you have no idea what "BAM" is.. please check it out on Adameve.com. It is HUGE and oh my gosh feels soooooo good. Anyways...I teased my clit with the flesh like feeling of BAM...and then slowly inserted the head of this massive fake cock in my hungry pussy. Oh...my pussy tingles now at the memory of how good that felt this morning.

As I fucked that fake cock..I thought of how great it would be to wake up sunday morning with someone your want to be with. So the fantasy began...As we wake up I climb on his hard cock and rock my pussy til we both cum. Share a nice kiss and let him shower while I fix breakfast and coffee.

But...while I make breakfast..I start craving more cock. So I sneak in the bathroom.. open the shower and smile as I take his clean cock in my hot, hungry mouth. I suck him as the water massages his body... with the heat of the shower and the sucking of my mouth he cums again, this time so hard it makes his knees weak. I lick my lips and let him continue his shower while I return to the kitchen.

Ummmm... who needs breakfast? Oh yea he does... cause when he is finished with breakfast we are going to the lake fishing. So we have a great breakfast and some much needed coffee. We slide into some shorts and off to the lake we go.

We fish a little...drink a little... and the summer heat feels great on our bodies.. so off come the clothes. He lays me back in the seat of the boat...speads my legs to reveal and wet pussy. He smiles and lowers his lips to my clit. Ohh the hot tongue flicks my clit and makes my hips buck his face as he brings me to a orgasm. Just as I am about to cum..he pours a little beer on my hot cunt..the cold sends me over the edge and he knows it. He quickly laps up my sweet pussy juices and the bitter beer...drinks me dry. He then kisses me...letting me taste my own cum.

He stands up with his cock in his hand.. and says "don't move..." he stands there jacking his cock.. I lean forward to take his cock in my mouth and he pulls away..saying, "no, baby... just sit there and let me jack off for you." I smile... sit back and start fingering my hot cunt... playing with my hard nipples. We stroke and finger til he shoots his cum all over my tits....he pulls my face closer so he can get some cum on my pretty face too. Ummm.. so good as I lick a drop of cum off my lips. He leans down and licks a few drops off my tits... and brings his cum to me in a kiss. We share his cum with such passion we forget where we are. Once we are back to our senses... we realize there is another boat in the same cove. It is 3 men.. and they are watching us get off... which makes us even hotter. We wave and they rave what a "fishing trip". We agree... and jump in the lake to cool off.

Oh...now I really want to go fishing!

rm_sugarD2020 67M
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8/6/2006 12:36 pm

I went to play golf this morning and only got a sun burn, hot and sweaty. I must change hobbies


8/7/2006 1:28 pm

we have had an exciting time at the lake once, night skinny dipping/playing, was terrific. Would love to do that again before the end of the season!!!! But there wasn't any fishing going on, too busy for that pleasing one another.

chosenjust4u 47M  
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8/7/2006 8:15 pm

Honestly,you should have a second job writing an erotic journal. Your words are more vivid and pleasurable than any pictures can be. So fishing probably wrapped up about 3pm....tell me the rest of the story, the drive home from fishing? Or how bout when u get home from the lake and your hot and sticky and you have to take a shower together. After I have a lake day of fucking and sucking I like to take my partner home to a warm bath, some candles and some relaxing music. Relax for an hour or so in the tub and then have some dinner, maybe grill a couple steaks, a few beers or wine(depends on what you are in the mood for). Then.......unwrap you like a Christmas present under the tree Get the lake scene started all over again, this time wetter and more intense, with long clit licking for about an hour or more, so that wetness is dripping down the side of your silky thighs and back down to your ass, so that you are fully lubricated everywhere and you are now longing for that thick throbbing cock just to be inside of you. Instead of going right inside, how about having the tip of that cock rubbing around your pussy lips and clit, just teasing you before full penetration..damn I am jealous of BAM!!!! Mmm I want to hear how your fishing story really ended

MsP225 45F

8/18/2006 8:25 pm

Mmm... I'd love for you to do that to me with the beer. Hot! I know you're looking for guys but it sounds like chicks make you hot too... We should chat.

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