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3/13/2006 5:02 pm

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Well, Happy Monday to all of you who read my blog.

I have been thinking... yep, we are all in trouble now. But seriously, I have reviewed alot of the emails and relies I have gotten in the past few months. I must say I have enjoyed them all.

BUT, (yep, the BUT part..ha ha ha) now after serious thought, I wonder if I am "To Serious". Am I? Or do I just know what I want and refuse to settle? Hummm?

I get alot of offers for meetings and casual sex.. and as most or all of you know... I don't accept. Thinking in my head..."I want more than that and I want a man who can respect me as a woman". sexual side is soooooo tempted to accept. After seeing and hearing some of the offer... damn I would love to jump in with both feet and have a damn good time. But... again my serious side tells me that it would be a one time thing and I would not be taken seriously. But...there are some of you..that I too would not mind you being notches on my bedpost... or "friends with great benefits".

But.. again...I want more. I really do want the fairy tale. I want the humor of "Larry the Cable guy"...the look of "Tom Selleck in one of his western movies"..the financial stability of $50K and up... and the sex drive and stamina of "Ron Jeremy". (the size of his cock is a nice size too)

But, so far... I seem to get one of each in each of the men I meet. Either he has financial humor... no dick...and no looks. Or he is hot as hell...big dick..funny and no JOB.
Please... is there not just ONE man out there that has it all? Just ONE! There are millions of single men in this world.. millions... I am looking for just ONE.

Now some may ask...what do I have to offer. Well.. I am attractive (as you can see in my pics), I am gainfully employed (comfortibally support me and my daughter), I love to cook and have a VERY clean home, I am very loving and giving to the people in my life, I love my family and would love to love his, I have GREAT kids and one VERY precious granddaugher... and I love intimacy. I love to kiss..cuddle.. makelove... suck cock...rim your ass... use toys.. highten our sexlife with porn and/or home pics of us.. I enjoy anal both giving and receiving... spankings are nice when I have been bad, really bad ... I like hard long fuckings... verbal sex talk..PDA (Public Display of Affection)... having sex in places that are unique to us... and with the right man I am VERY faithful and extremely HONEST!

And there is so much more...

So see... though I want alot...I also have alot to give.

I would like a man that loves kids. Granted mine are all grown but one (she is 11).. I would like a man who can involve her in a relationship after we are establish as a couple. (I don't introduce men to my family,unless I feel we can be long-term. And for all you sick,perverted men...NO I do NOT mean involve her in that part of our relationship!!!!!!!)

So..there!! Now, back to the ulitmate I play with fire and risk getting burned...or do I play with fire in hopes of kindling a real relationship..which may turn out to be THE ONE?

Also.. I have read alot of stories on here about people with Hep... that elimates me from fucking all of you. Hell if there was no risk...we would all stay single and fuck like recoarse. is a very real possibility and I do not want to put myself at risk. Yes.. I know, use a condom. But even then it is possible. Now birthcontrol is no issue for me. I can no longer have babies.. but STD's are a risk we take everytime we are intimate with anyone. Nothing prevents that..but doing NOTHING. I have been good for a long time and now.. I am so damn tempted to let go and have fun. But... But.. But..
am I willing to risk it all?

Ok...enough for now. Gotta go fix dinner and take a hot bath.


mangomamiCT 43F

3/16/2006 9:19 pm

How sad is it that I recognize that dildo !!!!
Have one just like it

That seals it , I am a sad pitiful woman ! LOL

Elegant_N_Nasty 50F

3/17/2006 3:57 am

MangomamiCT... me there is nothing bad,wrong and sad about owning that "toy".. Ha Ha Ha!! As for being a sad pitiful woman... no we aren't!! We are women who are not ashamed of our sexuality and trust me we ARE NOT afraid to admit it!!

And to be honest... it is one of my favorites!

Thanks, for reading my blog and good luck!

junglejim47172 57M

3/17/2006 8:53 am

Hi Naughty,

I agree completely, you are women who are proud of your sexuality.To many women are ashamed of it. It's sad they were raised to think that sex is something to be ashamed of. As to the gist of the post.

Qouted from Barbra,
"But.. again...I want more. I really do want the fairy tale. I want the humor of "Larry the Cable guy"...the look of "Tom Selleck in one of his western movies"..the financial stability of $50K and up... and the sex drive and stamina of "Ron Jeremy". (the size of his cock is a nice size too)"

I have a good sence of humor... been told I'm quite handsom, not Tom Selleck (not quite as much hair) stability, until my accident that broke my back (having surgery to fix it) I was making 80k...Ron Jeremy, I remember a song by Meatloaf "Two out of three ain't bad".

I absolutely love what you have to offer and believe in "do unto others as you would have done unto you". Even though our marriage has been over for 3 or 4 years. I never cheated on my "X". Experimenting with others Male/female/couples would have to be agreed upon and decissions acepted by both parties.

And I'm rambling. Sorry.

mcaapret 55M
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3/19/2006 9:30 am

Wow folks, Some serious questions to be answered there. As a man I have pondered the same questions, Do I or Don't I? I do not frequent clubs anymore as there are things that would make penicillun run and hide. I have had more luck with women and couples online. Reasons: I think people are more apt to be open and upfront, but you must always be on your guard. I applaud the women for being cautious. I have always had aids tests and Hep tests every year being a military man. Some think I'm crazy but I never stuck my wick in something or someone I didn't know at least for a while. I have never had an STD in my 43 years and don't want one. I have seen the problems with young troops thinking with the wrong heads! It's not just the men either, it is women thinking with their clits instead of there heads.

I have been reading this blog and find it to be absolutely wonderful. Keep up the good work I can be emailed at mcaapafret at or mcaapret at

Everyone have a wonderful day

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