Happy Monday..  

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8/28/2006 4:27 am

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8/29/2006 4:06 am

Happy Monday..

I survived another weekend!

I had a date friday... all I will say about that is his kisses could melt a iceburg. But.. he is not the ONE for me. Saturday.. I slept most of the day and then cleaned house and all the fun stuff we all have to do. Sunday.. I went to Stigler to see my son. He is doing great. I even took my granddaughter with me... she was fussy all day so we came back early. Then I got a text from Sinnocence_OK wanting to get out and have dinner. So.. dinner it was at Texas Road House. We had a great time. She is a great lady.

After all the sex stories and a full tummy we headed out to the sex shop! I had a blast with her there. All I am gonna say is... BAM is next Sinny! LOL

I bought a few new toys for me and my HONEY! If and WHEN I ever get to feel the magic cock... I have a couple special treats for him and me too.
So ... Mr. Wonderful... hurry your ass up. I have plans for you..and I promise to send you home happy.

My night ends with a screaming orgasm... with thoughts of being fucked by his magic cock. As my fingers explored my hot wanting pussy... all I could imagine was his lips tasting my sweet pussy juices. And as he leaned forward to let me taste my own sweetness.. he teased my hard clit with the tip of his cock. Oh, I moaned as I bucked my pussy against him. Begging to feel his fat cock deep inside me. After several minutes of teasing kisses....he finally gave me what I wanted. My eyes closed as he pressed the thick cock slowly inside me..stretching my pussy. Ohhh, it felt sooo good. We fucked slowly for a few moments... and after everything was nice and slippery.. he pulled out and teased my clit with his hot cock. I knew what was next... I smiled as he turned me over. On my knees and my ass in the air, he tongued my ass. I moaned and begged to feel more. He teased my tight opening with the thickness of his rock hard cock. Inch by inch he was burried in my tight ass. Oh... I wanted to cum. But held back. He cried out in pleasure as he fucked my ass. Soon he was pounding me so hard his balls were spanking my clit. I could not hold back as his cock began to swell beyond it's limits, preparing to dump a HUGE load of hot cum deep in my ass. His cum was so hot as it sprayed the inner walls of tight hole. My body quivered as I came...screaming his name and begging him to burry it sas deep as he can. Ohhhh... he felt so good. As he pulls his relaxed cock out....he lays on his back. I take the opportunity to suck the last drop of cum from his cock..so good. He pulls me into his arms and kisses me with the pleasure still on my lips... we cuddle and kiss... soon we are sleeping. Resting for what might cum again.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know....another fantasy! BUT, someday it will be a reality!! I can promise you that! Til then .... I will continue to dream.

Have a safe week...and enjoy.

BigBob92259 58M
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8/28/2006 5:34 am

What a hot story for Monday morning! I hereby apply for the job! Bob

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