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3/11/2006 2:58 am

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4 am...

Oh my stars!! It is 4 am and Nanna is a tired little girl.

Yes, I have Kileigh (granddaughter) tonight. Looks like her momma went back home and is trying to make thing work with her husband. Which is good news..I am for everyone being happy!

Funny how we look at other peoples relationships and laugh.... ha ha ha! Yet, I miss having someone to argue with. I am not lonely... but it is better to share you life with someone that to keep it all to yourself. Even if it means a argument or two.

Last night while cleaning out the closet... I had a reality check. I AM FAT! Oh, my gosh..being single and living in OKLAHOMA has made me fat.

When I was married I was a faithful Low Carb eater... exercised and stayed healthy. I was happy with my size..5'9 and was a size 16-18. Some of you might say well... gee that is fat. Not when you USE to wear a size 26-28. and weighed well over 300 lbs. Now, granted...I am tall and I have a hour glass figure so I carry the extra weight well. But...come on!! Most of my clothes from last summer 16-18..DO NOT fit

So.. now I have to get back in shape. After all I am going on a crusie in 3 months. On a huge ship..surrounded by handsome men...and I have them "trapped at sea"..LOL I am bound to find atleast one that trips my trigger.

So... back on Low Carb as of today! I realize most women who are single would never write about this..but damnit... I am a REAL person. I am not gonna post fake pics and pretend to be BARBIE. If you are gonna like me..you are gonna like ALL of me.

I have no desire to look like I am 21...with fake boobs and lipo everywhere. If God wanted us all to look the same...we would. But, we are all different. I am me... you are you...and so on.

For me...I want a man who will love me as I stand today, and if I lose 50 lbs he will still love me..if I gain a few back..again he will still love me. Remember PEOPLE... we ALL are gonna change over the years. Grey hair.. wrinkles.. saggy boobs... and the list goes on. If I want a KEN doll... I would be fake like BARBIE. I would be perfect and would expect you to be perfect too. But..piss on that. I want a real man...with laugh lines.. grey hair..and a few extra pounds. 20 yrs from now.. when there are more grey hairs than dark..guess what I will still love you. When your painted on Wranglers become "loose fit" wranglers...LOL...I will still love you.

Beauty is on the inside...that part NEVER changes!

I am not trying to justify being over weight and out of shape.. hell,we all need to keep healthy. But, I am saying ladies, don't expect your man to be perfect unless you are. Men... come on we all know you want to date GINGER...but will really marry MARYANN. GINGER is HOT and sexy...but MARYANN is true and faithful. It is ok guys..us girls do it too!

SO...back to the Low Carb..and back to exercise. I am NOT doing it for a man..I am doing it for ME. Hell.. I get plenty of offers like I am.. and to be honest the men who like me now.. are the kind of men I want in my life. And if I slim down and get back in shape... well that is only a bonus.

Funny when you lose a few pounds people take notice..men that never looked at you before are now looking and wanting a peice of the pie. Well sorry... if you did not like the pie before, you damn sure ain't gonna get it now! HA! I will NOT be arm candy for anyone.

Geez..I now know why I am sleeping at 4am,LOL. This "soapbox" drama at 4am SUCKS!

Well... all you wonderful people,thanks for reading my blog. If you have any pointers about me losing a few pounds...please send them my way. Thanks for your support and I too, wish each of you great success and may all your hopes and dreams come true!


wetfun1985 33M
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3/11/2006 4:47 pm

id love to see all of u dont put urself down so much...

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