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6/30/2006 10:55 am
Dave on Travel

In my profile, in my machine gun list of loves and likes, I mention travel. I thought it might be interesting to some of you to hear more about that...

I have lived in Michigan, Mississippi, California, and Germany, and have traveled to Canada, England, France, Denmark, Belgium and Portugal.

While I have been to, and thoroughly enjoyed some of the biggest parties in the world, I like to spend most of my travel time away from other tourists. I like to learn the local language, eat the local food, and take a genuine interest in the people and their culture. This has resulted, without exception, in a warm and friendly welcome and acceptance wherever I have gone.

Which parties? The Mardi Gras, in New Orleans was absolutely insane (for you Michigan people, think Jobbie Nooner in the streets). The Oktoberfest in Munich was huge - the two-story beer tents were the size of football fields, the mugs held a liter, and the serving girls had a apparent minimum weight requirement of 300 pounds. New Year's Eve weekend in Paris was one of the best in my life.

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