Introducing that Shy Guy  

Eehaore 57M
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3/25/2005 10:31 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Introducing that Shy Guy

Yes, he's that guy that always knows when your there. He has a friendly way of looking at you, if you'd ever take note, you'd realize that his look is one of deep boiling passion for you. He's always friendly toward you, if you talk to him he comes alive, and attentive exclusively to you.

He never tells you how he feels, he'd never impose on you to tell you that he thinks your beautiful, that you make his day just being in the room, that he knows each and every curve of your body ... he could pick you out of a crowd of thousands with only a brief glance. He cherishes you, worships you, and thinks the world revolves around you.

You, you don't hardly realize he exists, so many other men are vying for your attention. They have the bravado, the ego to gain your attention. But really when they talk to you, it's all about them. Their conquest, their mark, their needs, their wants ... that's who they are, that's why they are out front, conquering all that is in their path.

So, would you like to know what goes on in this mans head? What dreams and fantasies are in his mind. Did you know that all the while you were sitting there, like the untouchable eye candy you are, he took you to a wonderful pacific island and you shared daquari's and had wonderful intimate passionate love?

This shy guy will show you that you have your own special way of stirring all kinds of emotions and passions in his vivid imagination. Stay tuned as he shares those thoughts and fantasies with you. Join me in a journey through the life of that shy guy you've never noticed sitting right next to you.

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