Fantasy: What to do with a naughty lover  

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Fantasy: What to do with a naughty lover

Spanking, extreem intimacy, tactile senses

Has your lover been a brat lately? Naughty? Secretive? Perhaps she is asking for more attention, perhaps she needs some time over your knee ...

You sigh, more with anticipation than reluctance, you know that you can no longer avoid what is to come. You've tried your best all weekend long to figure a way out of this spanking, but now you realize that it was to no avail.

Slowly you move closer, reluctant to go forward, I reach out and grab you, guiding you toward me, down onto my lap.

"Hmm, well, well, my sweet princess, you have certainly tried to get out of this spanking haven't you."

"Yes, I did pleasure you ... twice this weekend ... that counts doesn't it?"

"Yes, it does, I might be more gentle on your bottom than I had planned. But ... then again I've asked for a very detailed explination of how you've been naughty ... explained that if you're not blushing while your divulging your transgressions then it's not detailed enough. Have you done that my sweet?"

You look down at the floor, you had so hoped that playing sex toy all weekend would get you out of a spanking.

"No, no I haven't .. but you know how hard that is for me to do!"

"Yes, I do, still trying to get out of me warming your fanny, my naughty little girl."

Your body is tense, you feel the embarrassment of knowing you will be spanked like a bad little girl, you realize that you are biting down on your lower lip, and your hands are clenched in front of you.

Slowly I stroke your beautiful long hair. My fingers travel up through your hair, relaxing the back of your scalp. I begin to gently brush your hair with a rather large wooden brush. You cringe as you imagine that bush being used on your bottom.

"Your not going to spank me with a brush are you?" you timidly ask.

"Well, now that you ask my sweet, you know brushes make a very loud thwack when you spank someone with it. No, I was going to spank you with this brush, but I'm not, I'm just going to brush your hair with it, to help you relax."

You close your eyes, enjoying each warm stroke of the brush. Involuntarily, your body starts to relax, ignoring your minds warning that eventually a spanking will come. I gently caress your neck and shoulders, then gently traveling down your back, my hand is so soothing, gently rubbing circles on your back.

"My naughty little darling, we've been here once before, perhaps this time I'll have more success ... I want to know your deepest darkest secrets and desires, and if I have too, I'm going to spank them out of you. You're going to tell me what naughty things you've done and what naughty thoughts run through your mind, what fantasies you dream about. I want you to expose your deepest darkest secrets to me my sweet."

These words. They urge you to tell all, but you cannot speak, to expose your deepest secrets, bare your soul, dare you let me see your desires, could you possibly allow yourself to be that naked and vulnerable.

My hand slowly traces down your back, circling the small of your back. The sensation tickles, peaking your sensation, your body is so alive with sensation.

"Perhaps I must persuade my sweet to lose her reluctance. I'm not asking you darling, I'm telling you.. I want to know everything there is to know about you, you'll tell me my sweet, you'll tell me everything I want to know."

My hand moves down to your bottom. I trace slow warning circles on your bottom with my hand. Your mind is intensely aware of my hand, Each nerve feels the warmth of my hand as it covers, and the coolness of your naked bottom.

Filled with the anticipation of being spanked, you are frozen, unable to speak the words ... you want to scream them out with deep repressed passion. The conflict deep within you struggles, can you be that vulnerable, that open ... or do you face the spanking that will surely come soon?

Your entire body is engulfed in warmth and passion, you body tingling with excitement and anticipation. Your breath matches the slow rubbing of my hand, your entire body seems to be willing my hand into action, begging for the slap that will incense your arousal.

You're mind is totally flooded with sensation, you barely realize you are speaking, "Oh, please ... no ... I can't ... please don't make me ... please, I'm not ready, I can't ... don't you understand ..."

At that moment, you feel my hand leave your bottom, you feel the arch of my arm rise above you through the movements of my knees, supporting your body. You feel the slight change as my hand reaches the apex of the arch, knowing what will soon follow. Your body suddenly braces for the impact, involuntarily craving it's enticing power and magic, your bottom arches upward, longing for the sting that will soon mark my hand in red electrifying passion on your bottom.

The sudden sound fills your ears, the impact sends hot tingling sensation through your entire body. They swiftly travel up your body sending the sharp stinging sensation of my hand directly into your consciousness. Your body suddenly comes alive with a multitude of sensations, fear, ecstasy .. shock, passion .. pain, euphoria.

Your mind is fixed on the warmth traveling all through your thighs, you feel the sensations as blood rushes to carry off the heat. The swift movement begins again, as if in slow motion, you take in the feeling of strength and determination from the muscles holding you up, shifting to lend support for the next downward arch of my hand on your bottom. You revel in the change as my legs seem to draw you up to meet the swift downward thrust of my hand. Again and again my hand comes down on your bottom, each time leaving a new red print of my stinging hand.

The pain and heat suddenly hit home. Your whole body is on fire from the sensation, you cry out, "Please ... stop!, I can't take anymore!" you plead as tears begin to well in your beautiful soft eyes.

"Are you sure my little sweetie ... are you ready to reveal yourself to me?" I softly reply.

"Yes" you exclaim, "just please stop."

Your bottom is on fire, you feel the many hand prints pulsing with heat, passionately stinging, it fills you with deep comfort and passionate uncomforting distress.

I help you off of my knees, you try to stand your legs shaking from the ordeal. slowly I easy you onto my lap, cuddling you in my arms. I wrap myself around you, as if protecting you from further harm inside my warm embrace. I stroke and kiss your soft delicate face,

"My sweet delicate princess, you are so beautiful, I hate to cause you such pain. Here let me make you forget your pain".

I start to nibble your ear lobe and neck, enjoying the sensuous taste of your skin. Waves of warmth fill your body, as you feel the excitement rising in you, shifting your attention away from your throbbing bottom.

My kisses become more and more demanding, my tongue enters your mouth with the authority that you are completely mine. My kisses touch the very core of your being, as if somehow, I already now everything there is to know about you. My arms wrap around you, calming you, in the warm safe cocoon of my embrace.

Gently I lower you onto the bed. Arching over you, I begin to kiss your shoulder, my hands slowly traveling over your body, soothing your shaking, and filling you with desire. Softly I mix kisses with gentle nibbles, exploring your delicate skin with my mouth, enjoying the erotic taste of your body. My hands tenderly caress and massage your body, sending soft soothing tingles of touch shivering through you.

My hands cup your breasts, as I pull your nipple into my mouth. Then my mouth covers your nipple, and pulls it into my warm steamy mouth, my tongue feels hot to the touch as it twirls around, your body aches with the desire to have that tongue ravish every part of you. My hand glides down the center your soft body, caressing your lusious hips.

Violent shudders of ecstasy race through your body. Your heart pounds with urgency, your whole body is alive with passion and desire. Every fiber of your body concentrates on the soft flicking of my tongue. My hands move between your thighs, and I begin to explore you with my fingers. Incredibly hot and wet to the touch, my fingers slide inside you, gently circling that magic spot.

You moan from the deep penetrating sensations filling every corner of your mind. I kiss you and gently lick your clit. As my tongue works it's magic, my finger's set off a blaze of passion inside you that travels slowly upward from your hips, warming every fiber of your body.

Slowly, I move on top of you. My cock plunges deep inside you. Passionately I thrust my cock in you again and again. You feel it deep inside you, throbbing with my passion for you.

You moan, "MMm, fuck me, make me cum again and again, I want you, I need you".

"Ahh, my sweet, you are pure ecstasy, your beauty so enchanting".

Deep inside you, you feel the pulse of my orgasm, you feel my cum pouring into you. Waves of orgasm flow through you, as you moan with each deep contraction.

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