Fantasy: That Tropical Island Paradise  

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Fantasy: That Tropical Island Paradise

Straight sex, intimacy factor, location importance

NOTE:Looks like the AdultFriendFinder police killed my fantasy. I'm guessing because it had two first names in it. Okay repost, this time all names are fictional and do not represent any real human beings.

Note: This is my favorite fantasy because it involves both my favorite location, and some of my favorite activities. I've tried to blend the location into the narrative in an involving way, as I think that your surroundings have a lot to do with one's emotional state.

It was such a wonderful get away, an island paradise. You walked down from the hotel onto the beach. The sand was an incredible powdered sugar white, a wonderful warm breeze carried the sound of the waves and the birds to you along with the enchanting smell of the sea. You decide to walk up the beach.

You venture past the sunbathers, and kids playing in the sand. As you continue, the beach becomes deserted, but it is oh so beautiful. You can hear the sounds of the jungle to your left, the crashing of the waves and singing of the birds to the right.

As you look out on the ocean, the water a wondrous clear aquamarine blue with a slight tint of emerald green. The waves slowly crash on the beach, inviting you to come in.

The beach is completely empty, you look to the shore, and see nothing but jungle. The water is just to irresistible, even though you hadn't planned on swimming, you find a palm tree next to the shore, and slip off your clothes.

Nervously you look around, and are completely relieved to find no one around. Quickly you dash across the beach and into the warm inviting water. The waves and the quiet are soothing to your soul. A seagull glides silently above you in the coastal breeze, it is all so wonderful.

Suddenly you are pulled back to earth. From the shore you hear a man yelling from the shore. You can hear him clearly ..

"Hey, you you can't swim here, this is a private beach, come on out of there."

What to do now, out in the ocean, completely naked, and a man yelling from the shore to come out.

"Come on out of there, I don't want to have to call the police on you, if you leave now you can just go." he yells again.

Slowly you begin to work your way to shore, as you get closer, you notice the man on the shore. He is quite handsome, but looks out of place. You would expect someone who lived here to be quite tan, this man is very fair. He is dressed like he's on safari, tan shorts and short sleeve shirt. You start to giggle as you notice that he's even wearing a safari hat.

You've now come in close enough to the shore that if you continue you will have to reveal your naked breasts. The moment of truth has come, you yell to the man,

"Could you please bring me my clothes." you plead.

"What clothes?" he asks.

"The clothes next to the tree directly behind you."

The man turns around and walks toward the tree. You see him look around, then look up into the palm tree, and the trees around it. He comes back toward you empty handed.

"There are no clothes behind me, are you sure you put them there?" He asks.

You look on the beach, you see your footprints going to the tree he looked at, and no more footprints further down the beach. "Yes, that's the one I think." you reply.

"Well, I'm sorry, but they are not there. Perhaps a koala bear in the trees carried them off. Why do you need them .. brought" the man stopped his question in mid stream, realizing that you are out in the water naked.

"I'm sorry, you'll have to come out as your are." he continues.

You stand there for a moment, wondering what to do. Covering your breasts with your arm you start your embarrassing journey out of the water, as the water begins to reveal your hips, you cover your mound with your other hand.

You glance at the man, yes he's still there, and yes he is looking. You feel the heat of your face blushing. How could you have been so foolish, what ever came over you to decide to skinny dip in the ocean, in the middle of the day, on a beach you knew nothing about.

As you approach the man he begins to speak again. His tone has softened ...

"You'll have to come to the house, you can have a towel and a beach shirt. Please my dear you have nothing to be ashamed of, I must say I have never seen a more beautiful woman than you in my entire life. You put the beauty of my beach to shame. What is your name my dear?"

Now you are blushing even more, not only is he staring at you but, even though it was a wonderful comment, he's willing to comment on your current situation. Timidly you reply "Just call me Honey."

"I've never known Honey to be so beautiful, my name is Eehaore, welcome to my beach, now let's get you to the house and do a really criminal thing ... find something for you to wear."

I point to a small path between the trees. As you walk in the sand, you hands still covering as much as they can, you loose your balance a begin to fall. I reach out and catch you, but in your attempt to catch yourself, your hands and arms have revealed what they were vainly trying to conceal.

As we walk up the path you notice that hidden behind the trees is a small house, one that looks exactly like it would belong on a tropical island. The wide wooden porch has several lounge chairs, and a small table with a pitcher of lemonade and several glasses. You suddenly notice how thirsty you are.

"Would you care for a drink Honey?"

"Well ... Umm ... Yes, I would."

Casually, I sit on one of the chairs, and begin to pour you a glass. I hand it to you.

"Perhaps that towel and shirt?" you ask.

"Well I must admit, I'm not in a hurry to cover up your sexy body my sweet Honey, perhaps you would like to sit and enjoy the breeze awhile." I say as I hand you the glass of lemonade.

"I'd really like to put something on if you don't mind." you reply as you try and decide which hand you will use to take the glass.

You decide on the one holding your breasts. You quickly return your arm to cover your breasts, and the cold glass presses against your breast. You blush wondering if I will notice your nipples reaction to the suddent temperature change.

"Relax my sweet Honey, you've nothing to fear, I find your body extremely appealing, enchantingly sexy. There is no one else hear. Please, relax, enjoy the island life."

Your eyes are locked on mine, you see the fire of desire for you, and a relaxing calm in them.

Almost as if hypnotized you start to relax, the beauty and serenity of the island seem to invade your soul, the sounds of the tropical jungle carry your thoughts away. Time disappears momentarily, and then you realize that my hands are caressing your face, pulling you towards me.

You feel my lips meet yours ... my tongue invade your mouth, conquer your mind. My arms pull you tightly against me, savoring the sensation of such beauty. My hands slowly rise from your bottom up your back as my cheek rubs against yours. My mouth stopping at your ear to whisper

"Let go my sweet Honey, let the island take over, we want you desperately.", as I gently kiss the sensuous sweet skin of your neck.

My kisses and nibbles move down your cheek and neck toward your breasts, as my hands move up your shoulders, behind your neck and up the back of your scalp. You feel your heart pounding, as you let go of your inhibitions and pleasure overwhelms your entire body.

My hands softly caress your back as they travel down the sensual curve of your bottom, across your hips and down your thighs. Slowly my mouth works its way down your body kissing your soft delicate skin.

I pause at your breast, I take your nipple into my mouth as it becomes erect from the sensation, slowly making circles with my tongue around your nipple. Your body is on fire from the pleasure.

My lips make there way down to your hips. My hands enjoying the softness of your skin make there way to the inside of your thighs.

As if the breeze of the island had picked you up and gently returned you to the island, you find yourself laying on the lounge chair. Wondrous sensations fill you from your between your thighs as my tongue explores your inner body, and your breasts tingle as my hands fondle and caress them.

You feel the sound of the waves beating against the shore, deep within you as waves of ecstasy overtake every fiber of your being.

Your heart pounds with urgency, your whole body is alive with passion and desire. Your lungs feel the breeze of the ocean flowing in gusts within you, the sounds of the island seem as though they are a song being played from within you. My hands move up your body, as I move on top of you. You disappear into the deep primal beat of the rhythm of our song.

I hope you enjoyed this little tropical treat. You've made it to my little island, my private inner retreat. Your welcome any time.

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