Will you...  

Edge946 52F
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7/17/2006 11:50 pm

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Will you...

I want to see you tonight. Follow me. Somewhere dark and crowded. Watch me, but don't let me see you. Do you like to watch me dance? What do you think of the men I dance with? The ones who put their hands on me. Stand close to me. Brush against me?

When I go outside, follow me. Look for me among the cars in the parking lot. Approach me, but don't let me see you. Don't speak. Put your hands on my shoulders and kiss the back of my neck. Breathe in my ear. Let me hear your excitement.

Let me move your hands onto my hips. My waist. Under my blouse. I want you to touch my legs. Put your hands under my skirt. Your fingers inside my panties. Inside me.

Hold my arms. Lean over me as I stand against a car. I need you. I will lift my skirt for you. Move my panties to the side with your rough hands. I know you are hard. I know how it feels when you enter. I know how you want me and it makes me want you more. Deeper. I want you deeper. I push back against you. You sigh. I moan softly. Bite my arm to hold back my pleasure. No one should hear us. No one should see.

Hold me. Just for a minute. My friends will wonder where I am. I will straighten my skirt. Fix my hair. Collect myself. My legs shake, but I go back inside and order a drink. No one will know where I've been. But you. Will you keep my secret?

rm_sldghammer06 46M

8/13/2006 7:53 pm

I would love to!!!

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