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1/11/2006 7:47 pm

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working late

"I don't care what your excuses are, I want RESULTS!"

I slam down the phone. I was working late again. Friday night. Had plans, guess I cancelled. I'm not sure how I ended up like this. I had a wife, friends. Now I've got a phone, an ulcer, an empty appartment and a refrigerator with no food. Then again, you don't get to be a successful partner in this firm by being a social butterfly.

"Kathy, get me some coffee, it's going to be a long night." I yell out to the secretary.
"Right away sir." She replies.

Kathy has been here since the beginning. She's helped me handle the sharks, the cutthroats, and the useless old codgers that stood in my way. She's always been around, all the late nights, all the weekends.

The phone rings, Kathy says it's Mr. Roberts. I take the call.

Mr. Roberts is one of those old codgers. He's stuck in his ways and doesn't realize that it's a new day. If we're going to make it big in this day and age, we're going to need some new ideas. Then again, he's the owner of the company. He doesn't sound happy. Guess he's going to chew me out over the Oberland deal. That's rich. Him chewing me out from his yatch about my work ethic.

Kathy walks through the door with the coffee. The light casts her silohette across the room. She's wearing a dark brown skirt, light brown blouse. Very professional. Her red hair and deep green eyes are outshined only by her full red lips. She's been wearing her hair up for the past week. Sometimes I forget how stunning she is. She absolutely glides across the room. As she leans over and places the coffee on my desk, I sneak a peak down her half unbuttoned blouse. Lacy white bra. Nothing too adventurous, but then again, I didn't expect her to have sultry underwear.

"TOM, are you PAYING ATTENTION!!" Mr. Roberts screamed over the phone. I damn near fall out of my chair. "Uhh... yes sir, I completely understand, sir" I plead as I snap back to consciousness. Kathy looks up at me as I have this dear in headlights look. She gives me a little smile. She stands up and takes out the rods that holding her hair up. Her wavy red hair drops to her shoulders. She tosses her hair back as I feel myself getting aroused. She glides around the desk and crouches down in front of me. She looks directly into my eyes as she undoes my belt and unzips my slacks.

My errection springs forth from it's cotton cell. Her mouth is instantly upon me, gently stroking my manhood. She applies a little bit of suction and I moan a little. "Oh... Oh yes sir! I completely agree sir!" I try to cover it up. She smiles again, knowing what just happened. She licks the head of my penis. It feels so good that I want to crawl out of my skin. The sensation builds as she thrusts me deep down her throat. I grab her head with my free hand. I'm close. She knows it. She continues stroking me. As I get ready to climax, I grab her hair and try to remove her. She stares into my eyes and swats my hand away as I erupt inside her mouth. She strokes me a few more times, making sure to get all of it. She never takes her eyes off of me. She gets up and goes into the office bathroom.

"Now I know you're going to do great things in the future. Just don't make these mistakes again!"
"Yes sir. I'll be more dilligent in the future." I reply and hang up the phone.

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