Why Are Women Smarter? - Another Wrong Theory That Men Have.?  

EbonyHnk 38M
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4/24/2006 6:22 am
Why Are Women Smarter? - Another Wrong Theory That Men Have.?

Men tend to think that women are smarter with regard to relationships.

Men tend to think that women are smarter with regard to relationships.

You 're considered to be the more logical half of the human species, yet this is one of the stupidest [and common) theories you have. Women have been labeled the emotionally-intelligent half of the species. I hate to burst anyone's bubble.

To answer the question of "why are women smarter when it comes to relationships?", we're not!

Women just spend more time dealing with relationships than men do.

Magazines, websites, newsletters and even advertising campaigns intended for a female audience often use love and relationships in order to catch the female's attention. Women are bombarded with reminders to marry before menopause and to maintain their appearances in order to maintain a faithful man.

All a man has to do to marry a woman is memorize the words "yes honey." If he does that, she won't be going anywhere.

With the media shoving beauty products and diamonds in our faces all the time, men assume we comprehend the secrets of healthy relationships and romance. Women don't know more than you do, we just read more in fear of dying alone or without raising families of our own. A fear that we are forced to face because of the media. It's a good thing the media reminds us of that fear because women who are ignorant to the fact that time is kinder to men usually end up with a lot of cats.

Women face the same challenges that men do regardless of the fact that father time obviously has taken a liking to those of you who were blessed with a penis.

Everyone has to deal with one date wonders, communication problems, lonely hearts, insecurities and disappointments. We all wish that we will find that perfect someone to be there forever or the perfect person for the moment. Men and women have the same needs. The difference is how we face these needs.

Women drown themselves in books, magazines, movies and the like which are geared toward pre-menopausal fear. Men get to escape from their fear of dying alone by looking at tits and ass, sports, cars, violence and beer. I wish I could kick back with a beer and watch NASCAR races instead of seeing diamond commercials while watching a cooking show. Unfortunately, I'm still single. I have to do my research. I don't want lots of cats.

When it comes to relationships, women do not know more. We don't have a special gift or a crystal ball to guide us in relationships. Women just pay more attention to subjects regarding love and relationships. If you want to obtain the same knowledge that you believe women have, try reading more about the topic.

You don't have to go buck wild renting chick flics or subscribing to fashion magazines. The fact that you read this, well, it's a good start

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