The World Waits for You to Die, Fidel  

EbonyHnk 38M
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5/3/2006 1:08 am
The World Waits for You to Die, Fidel

The world waits for you to die, Fidel,
Hoping, praying that soon you will be dead.

You have to know, Fidel,
That millions upon millions wait impatiently,
Looking forward eagerly to your death.

No illusions for you, Fidel!
Within hours of your death
Everything you've labored for will be swept away like a sand castle,
And the moment you are put into your coffin
People will pour out joyously onto the streets.

What wonderful justice that you have lived so long, Fidel!
A dinosaur among tree shrews
Knowing that nothing like him will come after him,
That living on is pointless,
That he might as well die and let the world get on with its dreams.

Ah, Fidel! What better punishment than to know well
That your memory will be cared for by enemies,
That your name will be a curse,
That history will place you in a miniature pillory beside your big brothers Stalin and Mao.

You have to know, Fidel,
Beneath the smile and the waving hand,
Your full humiliation
Now, as the world waits for you to die,
Hoping, praying that your death will come soon
So that Cuba can be free.

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