How to convince your girlfriend she looks P.H.A.T not F.A.T  

EbonyHnk 38M
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4/27/2006 11:04 pm
How to convince your girlfriend she looks P.H.A.T not F.A.T

"Do I look fat" has got to be right up there with, "Do you think my friend is hot?" when it comes to annoying questions women ask. And, on behalf of all women everywhere I would like to apologize–we know it's annoying and yet we can't help ourselves. Just like you can't help yourself from sneaking peeks at our hot friend. We know you think she's hot! Admit it! Sorry. Okay, back on track.
Now, I am going to assume that you don't actually think your girlfriend is fat. (And if you do think she's fat, it's probably easier to break up with her than find a nice way to tell her she could stand to lose a few pounds.) So, here's how to field the fat question:

The next time she asks, answer with a resounding and immediate "No!" coupled with a look of indignation that she would even ask such a ridiculous question.
Do not pause before answering. Even the slightest pause will cause an earthquake of insecurity to run through those jiggly thighs of hers (just kidding).
Other appropriate responses include:

"Yeah, P.H.A.T."

"Do you think I'd date a fat chick?"

"You never look fat ….You know why? Because you're not fat!"

And, if you want to be sure you never hear the question again, the next time she asks, put your hands on your own thighs, butt or stomach, whip up your most insecure look and say, "No, why? Do I look fat?" Make her answer her own dumb question.

Corollary question: Do these pants/skirt/shorts make my butt look fat? There is only one way to handle this question: Press against her, plant your hands firmly on her phat back side, and whisper that far from making her look fat, the pants/skirt/shorts make her look even hotter than she already is, so hot in fact that you must remove them right now.

But my girlfriend really is fat (F.A.T.)!
Well, first off, so are 3/4 of American adults so she's in good company. But that's not what you should tell her. Most likely the question will be phrased instead as, "Do you think I'm too fat?" (Trust me, she knows she's fat.)

Unlike Skinny Girlfriend who is looking for some ego stroking, Fat Girlfriend genuinely wants to know if her extra weight turns you off. Does it? If yes, like I said, its easier to break up with her than tell her. But if it doesn’t turn you off– either you are into bigger women (and a lot of guys are) or you really could care less about her extra weight and just want her to stop feeling bad about herself.

Here's how to approach it. Now remember, what she's really asking for is reassurance that you find her sexy (not exercise tips) and your answer needs to address her real question. The following sample responses should leave no doubt in her mind:

"If you were any more perfect I don't think I could stand it."

Or, if she truly arouses you, gently place her hand on your aroused private area and say, "Does this answer your question." You'll be pulling off her size 42 jeans in no time.

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