What A Long Strange Trip It's Been  

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5/27/2006 7:51 pm

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What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

It has been a week of interesting happenings hence why I haven’t blogged in a few days.
Sunday was my sisters bridal shower, great fun considering most of my family was rather bummed because our grandpa died plus my mother had gone more or less psycho about everything and I ended up sleeping over at my parents Sunday night which sucked because my mom decided that three am was the perfect time to vacuum the room I was attempting to sleep in.
Monday was the funeral and as sad as it was my family tends to put the FUN in funeral, mind you my grandpas final resting place is a mailbox he built out of half inch steel. Yeah we’re an odd bunch aren’t we? On an up note I did manage to catch up with some family members I haven’t seen in about six years. Then I went to the bar and got drunk.
Tuesday I thankfully didn’t have to work (what can I say all my bosses were nice for once) and then I went out with the Tuesday night crew and almost decked this guy that Susie brought with her because he kept trying to feel me up in the bar, sorry but I do have some for of a social conscious and that ticked me off to no end.
Wednesday and Thursday I worked at both jobs and then went to the bar yet again Thursday and ran across this rather nice and cute guy I had met before and ended up staying up way past my bedtime chatting with him.
Friday I went to the alpha job totally wiped out from being up way too late and ended up crashing out on my couch for a few hours and then going to the bar where I ran into the same guy and a bunch of other people and going to Webb’s at bar close so I didn’t get home until about 4 in the morning.
Woke up today at about 9 am and did nothing until I had to work in the afternoon and work was so slow I could’ve taken a nap. As far as tonight is concerned I think I may go to the bar again. Yes I realize I go to the bar a lot but on the same note I don’t drink all that much and therefore don’t spend a lot of cash as for why I go to the bar, well its better than sitting at home alone and allows me to meet new people and have a bit of fun.
On a totally different note I am debating finding myself a relationship, no idea why really except at times I miss the entire dating thing because its fun and I also miss having someone to cuddle up with and watch movies seeing as my movie buddy got himself a girlfriend and cuddling someone else’s boyfriend isn’t something I would do.

And the song of the week is “Got You” by the Flys
“Hey whats the point of this
Hey whats your favorite song
Maybe we could hum along

I think you're smart
You sweet thing
Tell me your name
I'm dying here

Hey maybe just a smile
Oh hey do you know that i can dance
Could we talk for a while

I think you're smart
You sweet thing
Tell me your sign
I'm dying here”

rm_CyclingSusie 45F

5/28/2006 5:16 am

I'm sorry...I thought he was past his inappropriate touching phase, but I guess I was wrong...

rm_MrFunthang 49M
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5/30/2006 2:24 pm

My favorite song is ShakeDown Streat by the Grateful Dead.
I am dyeing to hear form you Cutie.

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