Thought on Deitys  

Eastside__Devil 38F
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2/17/2006 11:44 am

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Thought on Deitys

So I have decided to have my own personal God (trust me there’s a good explanation for this one).

Now when picking a personal God you have to be really careful about it because once you pick one you really can’t go back and change it when they do something highly embarrassing (like getting caught masturbating into crunchy peanut butter on an Amtrak train headed for Nebraska). So because of this I figured I was best off picking someone who already died.

You also have to be careful to pick someone who you can agree with and even look up to, hopefully someone who has influenced your life in some dramatic, though not always positive, way.

Ok so time to spill my personal god is Bill Hicks.

Now I realize there are people out there who don’t know who Bill Hicks is, what I have to say to you is this, go listen to some of his material or better yet read his biography and maybe you’ll understand why he is my god.

If you know who he is but think he’s an asshole then you probably shouldn’t be reading my little blog.

Onto the great question of why I chose him to be my personal God….

First off he was one of the most influential comedians of the 80’s and early 90’s (you don’t believe me? Well where the hell do you think Leary got all his material from, of course after he stole it he watered it down) and he was raised by highly religious people.

Honestly though even to this day a lot of his views are relevant and he always makes me laugh so therefore I am starting the Church of Bill Hicks (granted communion will NOT consist of magic mushrooms because I gave those up ages ago).

So he honestly is a decent person to choose as a deity, though he died from pancreatic cancer way too early in life and was robbed of the recognition he deserved by Carrot Top of all people.

Also he died on the day before my birthday at 11:20 in the evening.


rm_Dorbadim75 42M
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2/18/2006 11:13 am

I loved it when Tool came out with Aenima and right on the inside cover was a picture of him with the line "Bill Hicks, Another Dead Hero". Yep, all those artists that I've listened to... reeeeeeeaaaalll fucking high.

Although I must've missed the Carrot Top thing. How did that hack rob him?

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