The Dry-Cleaning Rag  

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8/15/2006 9:02 am

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The Dry-Cleaning Rag

Part 1- Being the boss

Most of my life I have avoided having any form of authority when it comes to jobs, think Kevin Spacey in American Beauty if you will, but now I find myself a manager. Granted it’s not a bad deal, the pays good and the hours are nice, in fact I had forgotten how much I liked working second shift, but some parts of the job suck, not too bad though mind you, like last week I had to fire someone, but trust me they were asking for it.

So the entire thing came about because the district manager got canned and he was the other person working at the store with me so I had to scramble to find someone to work his shift. Unfortunately when he left he took all the applications with him except one so I ended up more or less being forced to hire this girl, which also was a pseudo favor to a friend of mine.

At first it was ok, not great but she could at least do the rudimentary tasks the job requires. Mind you I had hired her to work the afternoon shift so I could keep my beta job at the deli, well needless to say all of the sudden she said she could only work 3 afternoons a week so I said fuck it and put her ass on first shift; which she then proceeded to complain about to everyone on the face of the planet.

Now I sat her down and explained to her either you work mornings or afternoons you can’t flip flop throughout the week (company policy not mine). Then she was late 4 times, in her first week and a half there, so I hired someone else, who had actually been hired before her, to work there with me and transferred her to the Brookfield store. Of course this was a last minute decision so I had to drag my ass to the shop at 7 am to tell her this which caused her to scream at me.

When I say I fired her it’s actually a bit of a stretch because as she put it “If you transfer me to Brookfield I won’t work here anymore” so technically she quit first, which means she can’t sue me.

Now I won’t claim I had no problems with her aside from the being late thing. First off she is one of those rich girls who decided to become a hippy. In other words she had dreads, which I had no problem with provided she pulled them back or wore a scarf over them, the other problem is the dress code is business casual, you know dresses, skirts, slacks, blouses, no T-shirts no baseball caps. So what does she wear? T-shirts and this nappy ass green baseball cap, now I know a ton of neo-hippies and most of them know enough to pull their act together and dress nice when they need to.

Her customer service skills were, shall we say, severely lacking. So honestly I can’t say I was sad to get rid of her especially since she cost me my beta job and also ticked off about half the regular customers. I also don’t feel the slightest twinge of guilt because as it turns out her daddy gives her $300 a week to live on.

So she’s gone now and she also threatened to make my social life a living hell which should be fun to watch her try because I could care less. Plus now I have a much better employee who actually wants to work.

Part 2- Why people tick me off

So my happy new job is pretty cool because it’s relatively laid back and most of the customers are rather nice but occasionally I feel the need to post a few simple rules up for them to ponder and here are my basic rules.

1 It does no good to yell at me or anyone else who works here

2 If we can’t find your clothes relax and give us a chance to look for the or call the plant to see if they’re there

3 If there’s a spot of ink on your clothes when you bring it in chances are it’s not going to come out

4 For Christ’s sake don’t argue with us when we tell you linen and rayon shouldn’t be laundered, they are delicate fabrics therefore we dry clean them.

5 If we are with another customer don’t just throw your clothes up on the desk, it’s really annoying

6 If something from your order is missing try to remember what it was, and preferably the color and size because “I’m missing a shirt” isn’t going to cut it

7 If a coupon says “minimum 10 items” it means minimum of ten items, occasionally yes we’ll be nice and take it but if you have one or two items don’t count on it

8 Alterations take up to a week so don’t call me everyday asking if they’re back yet

9 No we do not wash underwear so don’t even ask

10 Cash or Check only, I don’t want to have to raise prices so you can pay for your $3 order with a credit card, there’s an ATM next door, please use it

11 Yes we have same day service, no you’re not paying anything extra for it, in fact we’re the cheapest cleaners east of 45th street so don’t start screaming at me if the plant gets backed up and the clothes come back a half hour late.

12 We are people please have the courtesy to treat us as such.

13 Oh and please don’t button your shirts to the collar before you bring them in, we do have to unbutton them before we send them out to the plant.

rm_4playfella 43M

8/15/2006 11:51 am

Where is the Eastside Devil and what have you done with her!? This doesn't sound like you.
It is good to have you back, I hope all is well. Are you still gonna start school this fall? Are you not at the beta deli anymore?
You'll have to tell me what cleaners you are at again, I forgot but could bring you some business.
Keep in touch.

irishtongue71 52M

8/15/2006 4:40 pm

East...ohhhhhhh if only she had chosen to go to Brookfield, then you could email me the company name and >I< could go make her cry, being the beligerent customer that I am


firstflight694us 59M

8/16/2006 8:03 pm

Way too funny. I did bicycle retail for 18 some f__ing odd years. No envy here! Tickles me to read this

Customers forget that the people they expect service from are, um people? Gosh, I think I am one too. Hmmm...

Life is a journey, just ride~
~[post 974853]~

house44444 45M

8/25/2006 8:20 pm

hahahah management now you know what us other mere mortals have to deal with

rm_chrs1965 53M
32 posts
3/31/2007 2:58 pm

why do people forget to be socialable.
i worked in the food industry and
acting like an a$$ really temps
the workers to give you what youre asking for lol
(never did)although some deserved it

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