Politics, War and Marriage  

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6/1/2006 8:29 am

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Politics, War and Marriage

WARNING: The following contains my opinion on some of the current political events in this country and just as the first amendment gives me the right to voice my opinion it also gives you the right to disagree with said opinion.

I’ve noticed a very sad trend in this country of ours. People are becoming a lot less open minded and respectful of others opinions.
Perfect example is politics today; I mean how often have you heard someone getting verbally abused because they don’t agree with someone else’s views? It happens so often on the radio, in the papers, on TV and even in restaurants and bars. What ever happened to freedom of speech? Or is it just a matter of “You can say anything you want so long as your viewpoint does not differ from mine in any way shape or form?”
It’s getting to the point where people are now afraid to broach certain topics (mainly politics and religion) in any setting. Personally I am a big fan of freedom of speech but when someone talks about their views they should not have to deal with personal attacks. In my mind the freedom of speech also covers the freedom of those listening to not agree but to state that in a civil manner.
Granted I am not really polarized toward any political viewpoint but I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion hence why I have no problem saying our entire government is fucked beyond belief and we have no reason to “help” a country that didn’t want us there in the first place.
Yes you can call me a bleeding heart liberal if you want but do you realize that if we had not gone to Iraq our country would have over 300 billion dollars more in our coffers as opposed to 3000 US soldiers in coffins. Interesting thought isn’t it?
Ok a little break down on what we could be doing with the money that’s been funneled into a war that about half the country doesn’t believe in….
Instead of war we could have given 14 million people four year college scholarships to any public university.
We could have provided 2 and a half million housing units to low income families.
We might have funded a world wide AIDS research programs for 28 years.
Maybe we even might’ve insured 170 million children’s health.
Or better yet we could have given every child on the planet basic immunizations for the next 95 years.
Seriously folk’s think of the money we’re wasting not to mention the human life and potential to actually make a difference and improve the quality of life for those less fortunate.

Another fun thought for everyone is the fact that here in Wisconsin there is a lot of press on possibly amending the states constitution so it defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman so as to prevent homosexual couples from being able to receive the same benefits and respect that heterosexual couples have.
Now call me crazy but doesn’t make sense that if two people love each other enough to commit to spending their lives together that they should be allowed to reap the same benefits regardless of their sexual orientation? Personally I think it shouldn’t matter if your chosen partner is the same gender as you are, I say live and let live.
Of course the people who wish to pass this amendment say that homosexuality leads to the breakdown of the family unit and the sanctity of marriage. Personally I don’t think that makes too much sense because if two homosexuals were to marry wouldn’t they be starting a family? I mean if you really want to prevent the breakdown of the family unit why not make divorce illegal?
But this is just my two cents so take it for a grain of salt and if you don’t agree feel free to voice that disagreement but please do so in an adult manner as I am sick of people resorting to name calling when they disagree with something.

SinsualIntellect 53M
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6/2/2006 6:49 am

Eastie, you're only scratching the surface. Sen Sensenbrenner is pushing a bill that will require ISPs to reveal their customer surfing habits and provide penalties to any who refuse. Who's listening in on you?

A measure was pushed through recently that severely reduced the protection for government whistle blowers, so now the feds can hide their dirty, illegal business easier.

The feds started to make great use of the law that allows them to declare "National Security" on court cases that do invovle some form for national secret. But where it was used evedentary in the past, they now blanket the whole case. There have been whole cases of kidnap and torture we aren't hearing about because the feds cover it up under this "National Security" law.

And there is so much more.

jaimeOOO69 53F

6/4/2006 8:40 am

Everyone is entitled to the opinion and to voice it. They are also entitled to disagree with it. But we shouldn't force our opinions on others or tear their opinions apart. It is healthy to disagree and respect but unhealthy to tear apart and destroy.
I personally don't see what is wrong with two people(no matter what gender), who love each other, making a legal commitment to each other. Gay/lesbian couples may have a better chance of a successful marriage than heterosexual couples because they are not denying what they feel or believe just to fit in with the so called norm.

dbcole 44M

6/7/2006 4:43 pm

Easty, I agree with you as far as the people jumping down your throat for voicing your opinion thing, but, I want to let you know that the door swings both ways. I am very conservative, and I have found that a lot of the people who call themselves liberal have called me names and tried to label me for voicing a conservative viewpoint. I just find it odd that people who call themselves open-minded are actually only open to the views in which they believe, otherwise they try to repress you! As far as the war in Iraq goes, I feel as though it was something that had to be done. Have people forgotten what happened to us less than 5 years ago already? The fact remains that terrorists come from all over the middle east, and we could not just simply invade "the Middle East"-we had to start somewhere. I feel as though it is absolutely neccesary to bring stability to that entire region, and Iraq is just where we have established our foothold. Iran is on the verge of having nucular, not just nuclear capabilities, and, quite frankly, that scares the hell out of me. Another movement that has been gaining support in the middle east is the restoration of the calipha-where all islamic countries unite under the leadership of one caliph (religious leader). The calipha was broken up in the 1920's, and now, with the growing support of its re-establishment, we are in a potentially very dangerous situation. Iran would have no reservations in using nukes against us, and they would most likely give that technology to the rest of the islamic nations. By establishing our presence in Iraq, we have put ourselves in a position to prevent these things from happening before an unimagineable disaster occurs. I have friends over there right now, and have spoken with many other soldiers who feel that it is absolutely neccesary for us to be over there right now. I hope that my views have not offended anyone, but I had to get this off my chest. Now, keep in mind that I am also very concerned about the Patriot Act and the ever increasing infringement of our personal rights, but that is another issue altogether. If anyone has an opinion about this, please feel free to let me hear it.


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