Patrick the rummy and George  

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3/20/2006 10:13 am

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Patrick the rummy and George

So as everyone I’m sure knows Friday was St. Patrick’s Day and unlike most of my age group I actually didn’t get bombed out of my gourd on overpriced green beer or eat and of the atrocious corned beef or cabbage. Which according to most people I should have done for 2 reasons: #1 I’m Irish and #2 I’m in my 20’s. I will admit I did go out for a few beers but by ten o’clock I was so sick of the idiots who couldn’t walk much less see straight that I called it a night. I did manage to do one rather fun thing though, I went on the Lakefront Brewery tour and was named Bung Queen (unless you’ve been on it don’t ask because the explanation is far too long for this blog).

So yes Friday night more or less sucked and I was curled up in bed by midnight with my head under the pillows to deaden the noise of drunken fools wandering past my house, I did manage to set a new personal record for sleeping without the use of medication (prescribed or self enacted). I was lazy I managed to sleep for 15 hours on Saturday though I did wake up for a few hours during the day because I was supposed to go out for breakfast with someone but they ended up falling back asleep.

Saturday was a much better day mainly because I didn’t get out of bed until 6 at night and then I proceeded to do very little until about 9 when I went to the bar, which in itself was much more fun than Fridays bar time, mainly because the only people there were regulars who weren’t drunk off their asses on Friday, so I played a few rounds of rummy (you know the bars quiet when you can have cards spread over half of it and no one cares). Then I went home around 2am to go to bed (note to self Jimmy Johns sucks balls unless you’re really drunk, not just half drunk).

Sunday I didn’t wake up until noon which was again abso-fucking-lutly wonderful, stole my roomys car and went to the store and the video place to rent some movies and get food. Spent all afternoon watching movies and doing laundry (mainly towels we have at least 3 loads of towels in our house which while nice because I don’t have to wash them that often may be a bit excessive) and then discovered that my room mate and I are not the only tenants of our apartment. There is a mouse currently living in my kitchen.

Mind you I’ve never had a mouse in any place I’ve lived aside from my parents house and to tell you the truth it makes me miss having a cat (until I realized if I had a cat I would have to clean the litter box and that’s the main reason I let my ex keep my cat when I left him). So today after work I had to stop and buy mousetraps hopefully the little bugger will commit mousiside while I’m at my other job today so my roommate can dispose of it. Oh and I did remember one thing my father taught me about setting mouse traps- use peanut butter.

Hopefully I can kick the stupid cold I’ve had for the past week soon because I’m sick of being sick and if it doesn’t go away I may just stay in all week instead of going to the Tuesdays night thing, Friday fish fry or the party I’m planning on attending Saturday. Ok time for a nap.

Total hours slept this weekend = 33 (from Friday to Monday morning)
Total beers drank= 12
Total movies watched= 4
Total in rummy= 435
Total hours worked this weekend= 0 (oh my god was that nice!)

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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3/20/2006 11:03 am

You can always eat cabbage. I didnt eat any either

Purry {=}


irishtongue71 52M

3/23/2006 3:14 pm

Yes...peanut butter....A#1 snack of mice everywhere. Guaranteed. I've been 100% successfull at catching them.


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