Ever have one of those nights?  

Eastside__Devil 37F
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11/27/2005 8:52 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ever have one of those nights?

So I had a party like thing last night and I was bummed, none of the ladies who said they would show came except one and she got there as we were about to leave. Normally when I have a get together it isn’t a total sausage fest but last night was which sucked but most of the guys that showed were nice although there was one that wouldn’t go away at the end of the night. At least now I can put some face to names. I really wish the one guy would’ve taken the hint and gone away earlier but he didn’t and because of this my roomy didn’t leave so I didn’t get to hook up with one of the people I found interesting enough to want to see them naked. I will say this much about my roomy, he’s nice enough to protect me from unwanted persons but sometimes he protects me too much from people I want to spend time with.
My sinuses feel like they’re going to explode this morning and that sucks, it also sucks that I have to work today but at least I do get a few days off from both jobs this week, I need a break dammit!

house44444 45M

11/28/2005 8:05 pm

hey sexy sometime you will have to invite me to some of these parties would love to meet you sometime alway have so much fun talking to you and devi

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