Adventures in Take-Out  

Eastside_Devil 38F
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10/7/2005 7:21 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Adventures in Take-Out

So I was going to write another story here today but due to other occurrences today I’ve decided to vent a wee bit, so here’s the background- I work in a restaurant near to my house, those who have met me know which one and occasionally my roommate talks me into ordering food from there for supper because, well, it ends up being pretty cheap. So here’s the set up, tonight I ordered the classic Friday night meal, fish and ribs, I called in my order, jumped in the car (yeah its only 5 blocks away but how often do I get to steal my roommates car and go anywhere?) Stop at the liquor store on the way for a six pack of blue moon and then go to my work to pick up the food. I walk in go in the back to get a manager to give me my discount, go back to the counter and pay for my food and then I sit down to wait. I wait, and wait, and wait, finally after about 15 minutes I go behind the counter and ask the cooks about my order, they don’t have it BUT they’re munching on some ribs that showed up without a ticket to explain them. So I walk into the kitchen with my ticket from the register girls and the cooks and I check all the tickets in the kitchen, lo and behold, my number is not there. So, lucky for me, I’m on pretty good terms with the cooks and they remake the order, also they throw some extra food in it. Then I’m waiting for my order again and the manager asks me what’s up, so I tell him they lost my order. Now this wouldn’t be a big deal except the last time I ordered food when I wasn’t working I sent my order over the net and when I went to get it, it wasn’t there because, get this, the fax machine was out of paper, no big deal, I mean I can understand but the first time I ordered delivery from my work they lost that order too. Now mind you if I didn’t work there this would really bug the hell out of me, but because I work there I am a bit more understanding, still there’s a limit. Instead of being a total ass and calling and complaining I’m going to send an email, because well, when we get an email complaint the normal reaction is to send the person some gift certificates and apologize profusely, which I think is why they have me play manager on phone in complaints when I’m working. Maybe they’ll send me some gift cards or maybe I can use this to weasel my way into getting a raise. We shall have to see what happens….

rm_sbffv 64M
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10/10/2005 7:38 pm

Are you sure your co-workers aren't just targeting your orders on purpose because they are hungry????? LOL They know you won't go balistic and get them in trouble.

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