a missed connection....with sexual energy....  

EarthDance 59M
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5/29/2005 1:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

a missed connection....with sexual energy....

My last post regarding sexual energy....never made it to the public room......but that's o.k.

I'm still thinking about this topic of sexual energy and this one particular episode that occurred with an older woman....married.

I was in my 20's and she was in her late 30's at the time.

She was always very friendly towards me....and we saw each other only in very controlled circumstances in public settings. I was a church choir director at the time and she was in the church choir. Her kids were in the children's choir and so that was the realm of our relationship.

She was hot. A bundle of energy and spirit. A lovely woman in so many ways and very curvy and sensual.....but it was her energy and spirit that was the best. She had a beautiful smile and great eyes that were alive with the moment....

She would sometimes dress in ways that were totally a turn-on to me.....low cut things, tight sweaters, tight skirts, thin bras, or bras that just let her body move freely, and a few times in the summer....halter tops with no bras. I was very aware of my attraction to her as a woman that got my attention and kept it....

One day she invited me to lunch and we talked about the church choir stuff and common people that we were working with.

And then she told me how she would love to go home and draw a hot bath with some wine.....and something to the effect that I totally "jazzed" her...

Well....young, naive me (at the time) thanked for that and totally missed it. It went completely over my head. I honestly had no idea that she was coming on to me.

I was so out of touch in my real life of the sexual energy between us (and more importantly within me) that I completely missed this connection.

I look back on it and find it quite sweet and funny now....and wonder what she had to be thinking when she just laid it all out there and I completely didn't respond....

Of course.....that night I masturbated my head off to her and all that sex that she exuded....

That of course was my problem at the time....I was totally disconnected from my sexuality in a real and authentic way and just plugged into it in a secretive private manner.

The bad old days have given way to the good new now! *laughing*



rm_jayR63 60F
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5/29/2005 6:58 pm

Your last post did make it, because I read it. I have no idea why you don't receive comments. I find your postings a refreshing respite from most of the nonsense here.

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