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5/17/2006 5:26 am

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English - Who am I - And what am I doing here ?

I am an honest man! It sounds obvious, and everybody says so, but in my case, It's true!
Maybe you think it's one of the basics. Think it over a second time.
Women want to hear lies. It's not just my opinion, it's a fact. None of them want to hear an honest answer on questions like. "do you think I'm getting too fat","Did you ever think that getting married was a bad idea" or "will you always be true to me". A man knows that, and lies. I can afford not to do so. This is the reason why I'm not able to live with someone in a relationship. I know this and that is why I don't want to.
Whoever thinks they only wants sex, without any emotions, is also wrong. Life is not that easy. I love to be in love. I love to give all my passion to someone. But I don't want to share my life with her, and I don't want her to share her life with me. It is possible, but mostly not for long.
When I explain that I don't want kids, or marriage, nor any other kind of living together, every woman says they understand my point of view at the beginning. But after a while they ultimately start asking about our future, because we get on well and we are so passionate.
This is always the moment when I think nobody listens to me.
It's not that I don't explain this by the way, I always tell every woman exactly how I think, before we get physical. It takes hours, why should I tell her all this If I don't mean it? To ruin the first evening - surely not!
Normally this is the end of our relationship. But after a few weeks and thinking it over, most of them understood. The most en joyful hours with my exes, I often had when we were separated.
-By the way: Sex with an ex is only impossible for me, if I think she will try to build a future with me again. But it does not happen often.-
For a modern (thinking) woman honesty can be something good.
If i say something like, " I like your eyes" or "You have a beautiful body" you can be sure that I mean it.
To share her life with a man is not necessary for a woman who respects herself.
This is the kind of woman I hope to find here more often than somewhere else.

Chat and mail

I like to communicate. For chatting and mailing it's not necessary that we are interested in having sex. I also like to talk about other things.
Distance is not important for me if we just talking.

Wer sich getroffen fuehlt .... ist gemeint

rm_Benkai7 56M
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5/27/2006 4:16 am

Dear "ERdosDdos".

That is the difference ... a few days ago I had the same discussion (again! ... but with a better ending ...)... some (and it愀 not a matter of the sexes) humans aren愒 free ... more than 2ooo years of "Christianity" do effect ... weather they know or not ...


BaronessK 53F

8/30/2006 4:28 pm

Your 'facts' are, at best, incomplete. Not ALL females wish to hear lies. REAL WOMEN not only prefer but also DEMAND the truth...for if I take the time to ask a question, I want to hear the TRUTH...or else why am I even bothering to ask the question in the first place?

As for how women react to you, your personality and such, in some cases it is a matter of them not listening, listening but not understanding fully, and other points...but females, in general, are much more emotionally geared toward a relationship than males are and thus usually will end up seeking 'it all'. It is their strength and their weakness.

On the other hand, your 'relationships' work for you for the most part because of the lack of TOTAL involvement; but as you are honest about that, IF the female can also know herself as well, that is when that type of relationship can actually work.

For a modern woman in thinking {and otherwise} honesty can not only be 'good' it is an absolute necessity! For me, personally, when I receive a sincere compliment I take it as it is meant {as it was given} BUT where honesty is both given and received that would mean the people involved in that interaction would understand what is meant in exactly the way it is meant {no more, no less, no hidden meanings, no hidden agenda, no hidden motives, no false expectations, no mistakenly hurt feelings where there was no intent to do so}.

It is not necessary for a woman who respects herself to share her life with a man...if you mean TOTALLY...but there is nothing 'wrong' with wanting to do so when everything is 'right'. Even in not sharing their lives totally, there are still 'things' that come in to the relationship...cross over from the relationship from the 'rest' of their life, though, regardless. I have had relationships of the type of which you speak about, but it is hard for the female AND the male at times to totally separate all the aspects of their lives because humans in general are drawn to the fullness of the entire experience of Love in whichever form it takes at that time.

It does sound to me as if you are seeking what is called in American English a 'friend with benefits'; this is something that is quite attainable, but to keep it only on that level is rather hard for the majority of females {as you have found out for yourself already}; sometimes it is hard for the male to do so as well, by the way, from my personal experiences. I wish you 'best wishes' for finding what you seek, however; you seem a very sweet, open and honest guy.

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