sick sex  

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5/23/2006 12:59 pm

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5/25/2006 6:40 pm

sick sex

yeah i said sick sex cause i am sick the sniffils and snezing and coughs and fever but i still want fuck so bad so i was wondering if sick sex is better than better sex but i guess it will be with someone you know because otherwise you would be embarrassed to shit as ya can't be sniffuling when ya suck pussy cause ya may choke or coughing when ya fucking that ass like a rabbit it disturbs ya flow and ewwwwww a dripping nose when she is blowing ya cock
not a good thing ,so you still think it will be mind blowing and who th fcuk here had sick sex i want to know tell me who? and when and what was your favorite part?
i dare you to gross me out..

Whispersoftly5 53F
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5/24/2006 12:48 pm

LOL! I've had sick sex several times over the years and yes it was with somebody I knew. You're so right, nobody else would want to be near me when sick! It seems all the symptoms go away while having the sex so there's nothing gross to tell. After it's off to a relaxing rest and feeling a bit better.

Hope you feel better soon and that you get some sick sex!!!


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5/24/2006 2:21 pm

thanks hun i wish you could do me right now?

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