comittited with out commitment  

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4/6/2006 4:53 pm

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comittited with out commitment

As i have noticed that many girls as i am a guy have be in the social scene for ever it seems,but it revolves and changes but like fashion it continues to confuse me.
Now when you meet someone either in a club,bar,grocery or gas bar and you hit it off,there usually is an exchange of info,e.g. telephone # and so on.
but, at the time she was easy on the eyes and you stepped to her and it all went smooth and now either the same day or couple after you make the call.
The follow up is great you go for dinner, movie or just get together and sex each other.
This goes on ever so often tomorrow,next week ,3 times in the last month,getting together for talks,drinks, movies or sex.
You have that commitment when you get together as you are both on the same page but are you committed to this person?
Then i ask myself,was it said that it was an open arrangement even doh one of us has another or not.
Or do i feel guilty now that i have met another and already engaging in intimate doings and stuff,should i tell her so that she is aware and she could give me the boot or say she is cool with the situation as she has someone also or not.
Again i ask myself am i indeed committed to her or it's ok as we have the commitment when or if we get together.

Has this ever happened to you and what have you done?

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