<font color=DarkGoldenRod>An SDA Presentation-My Night With The Sunshine Strippers Pt1</>  

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<font color=DarkGoldenRod>An SDA Presentation-My Night With The Sunshine Strippers Pt1</>

As promised here is a taster of a night with "The hottest Cyber Strip Group in town".My thanks to SweetDarlinAngel for ensuring it wasnt just the show that left me sweating........

The club was electric with the sexual anticipation of the show. I walked in and instantly felt aroused. The heat had nothing to do with the temperature of the room, but more to do with the erotic dancers and beautiful waiters and waitresses wandering around in togas and bare feet. I felt as though I had been transported from the modern city streets into a world of lust and fantasy in the blink of an eye. I barely had time for my eyes to adjust before being accosted on all sides by blogger’s overload. KeithCanCook was whipping up every alcoholically toxicable delight known to man behind the bar with a dazzling smile. DZ2504 was on the scene, ready with microphone and camera taking all of the action in for the “AdultFriendFinder Daily Tattler” just as any fabulous reporter would. My mind was running at a million miles a minute. I searched high and low for my escort, my chaperone through the trenches, the man to guide me on my first tour of the Sunshine Stripper’s whirlwind ride. Finally, through a break in the crowd, I see him, calmly standing there waiting for me, his hand outstretched, beckoning me deeper into the chaos. QuietGuy2003 stands serenely in the midst of the bustling frenzy as everyone rushes towards their seats. The show is about to begin. I reach for his hand, take a deep breath and nod to him as he leads us towards the front of the stage. “We’ve got the best seats in the house, and I’ll be here with you through the entire thing. That is, at least, until my set…” he whispers in my ear as we wade across the sea of men and women to our table at the foot of the stage. My heart is pounding, my hands are sweating, but my excitement is undeniable.

We sit down facing an oval stage, the center of which is dominated by a spotlighted, 3 inch thick silver pole. The pole reaches up from the stage into the 23 foot high ceiling. The sight of it is both amazing and unbelievable. I look at the faces that line the stage floor. I see many strange faces; I know that some are fellow bloggers, people I would know by name if not by face. Then I recognize a few friends; DigDug41, SaintLianna, MissAnnThrope, are all eagerly awaiting the show. I can recognize other faces in the crowd as well; CuteAZGuy27, Bella, TravelinginTexas, it is a veritable bloggers watering hole. The lights dim and music starts to play. QuietGuy2003 looks to me across the table and smiles, he knows what to expect, in a flash of sparkling lights the floor of the stage opens up and a dark haired woman begins to emerge.

My breath catches in my throat, my heart begins to pound so hard in my chest I think it might break loose because before she has even cleared the floor I recognize her. My Mandy, the one and only GoddessofBitches has appeared before me. I am completely captivated. She is there in a translucent shimmering robe of white and blue, her smile radiates from her face like a spotlight. She glides from her entrance point to the pole at center stage and twirls delicately around it; a hush falls over the crowd. With a single wave of her elegant hand her robe falls open and men moan with joy. Women coo with pleasure. We are all absolutely mesmerized. Her routine never strikes me as being of grand or great gymnastic talent; she simply flowed over the stage and allowed us to see her body one beautiful piece at a time. And we adored her for it. At the end of her set, she stood at the edge of the stage poised as still and picturesque as Greek Goddess’ of old and touched herself; touched her beautiful pussy while we watched and squirmed and wished that we were her fingers. Then without a second look back or a thought to whether we wanted more, she turned and walked away. She left the crowd breathless and horny. She left us wanting more.

Suddenly, the soft music was interrupted by the fast beat of rock and roll. It was an assault on the senses. It was like being slapped awake from an exotic daydream by cold water being splashed on your face. My nerves were on edge, I felt raw and exposed after such a sensuous display. From the back of the stage came a strange fog. It seemed to creep out from behind the walls, moving towards the audience. It was thick and bright green. Then the silver pole in the center of the stage began to shake. Just as the fog reached the bottom of the pole, Raptor880 slid down the pole! He had his back to the audience, with tight jeans and a sexy t-shirt on. The ass of the jeans was cut out so that his cheeks were exposed for us to see. He flexed his bottom to the beat of the drums. You could see the muscles working in his butt. The women screamed in approval. The arousal I experienced from watching Mandy dance was only being perpetuated by the display of blatant sex and lust. Raptor spun around and now began thrusting his pelvis towards the audience. Women began to climb on top of the tables to cheer him on. When he tore his pants off with a two handed tug, I thought I was going to faint.

QuietGuy leaned over to me and asked if I needed some “female” reassurance. He felt that he wasn’t helping me cope with all of the stimulation as well as another woman might be able to. I nodded in agreement, sweat pouring from my forehead. I never knew the Sunshine Stripper’s were so hot. I had only seen two acts and there were so many more to come. How was I going to make it through the entire show? Especially when QG left to prepare for his set! He’d better call in reinforcements. Luckily, MyNaughyNic was there that night to see if any of the performers needed some last minute adjustments to their costumes. She was the staff seamstress. The best Stripper seamstress you could find; and one hell of a partier! She’d been chatting with the club coordinator EE407. QG snagged them both and motioned them to our table. “Hey ladies, could you two help me out? It’s SDA’s first visit to The Sunshine tonight and she’s getting a little hot under the collar. Do you think the two of you could help her relax and enjoy the show?” he asked them. They settled in next to me just as I finished watching and drooling over Raptor’s version a man masturbating. I wouldn’t be able to take much of this; I was so close to cumming in my pants!

QuietGuy2003 excused himself before the next performer began.

The fog cleared, two naked Asian women came onstage and laid down. One a British flag, the other on a Canadian flag and began to massage their bodies with oil. A strange mix of Asian and Rock and Roll music began to play through the speakers intermingled with the sounds of pornographic moaning and panting. Then, out walked Expatbrit49, wrapped in nothing but a towel, he stood between the two flags where the women were still massaging themselves, held his arms and stopped. The music came to halt. Silence fell over the audience. The two women reached up and ripped Expat’s towel off with fervor. I screamed. Women cheered. The club roared so loudly that the tables shook. I couldn’t watch anymore and we still hadnt seen pussinboots4u , AlbertPrince or JJkittyKat

I ordered a drink. “Bring me the strongest thing KeithCanCook can think up! As a matter of fact, bring me two of them!” I pleaded. EE407 laughed, MyNaughtyNic just shook her head with a michevious grin on her face, “I’d think with the shit you write SDA that you could take just about anything. You’re acting like a virgin nun on a nude beach! For crying out loud girl, look at these guys, their great! Hoot, holler, throw some money at them. Have a little fun. Don’t let your cheeks get red.” Nic teased. EE quickly agreed.
I had to admit I was ashamed of the way I was reacting to them. Here I was a former dancer, a former stripper embarrassed and red-faced in one of the hottest strip clubs. I needed to loosen up. Have some fun. What the hell was wrong with me? Just then the music started to play again, the next set was about to start. This time I was ready. Or at least, I thought I was.

Sitting against the pole in black leather pants and a black tank top was QuietGuy2003. He stretched his hands above his head and I watched his abs tighten beneath his shirt. Tiny rivers of electricity flew from my brain to pussy. As he rose to his feet and began to move his hips rhythmically to the music I felt myself get wet. “Shit” I said under my breath. He moved so surely from the pole to the front of the stage, now just a few feet from where I sat. I could smell the heat of him. I began to wriggle in my seat, trying not to show the girls how turned on I was. He dropped to his stomach, gazing into the eyes of the women in the audience, seductively trying to coax them out their money. When he got to me he winked, the wetness of my pussy flooded my panties. I wanted him. I was so hot, so horny. I turned my face away from him.

I looked at EE407, “I have to go” I stumbled. She glanced at me confused. “Why?” she implied. But before I heard her ask I had gathered my purse and hustled out the door, past the throngs of screaming women to the street beyond the doors. I was back outside in the real world where things were harsh and cold and bitter. Back outside where things are less beautiful. I immediately wished I had the courage to go back inside, but I don’t. Instead, I head home and think of my next visit to the Sunshine Stripper’s.As I did so I made myself a promise.

Next time, I won’t leave early; I will see all the acts, and next time I will expend some of this pent up energy on one of those dancers.

[This is a fictional story based on online characters.There is no club and this post isnt soliciting people to go there]

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