The Bathroom II  

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8/23/2006 1:52 pm
The Bathroom II

He didn’t need any prompting as she presented herself to his touch. She shivered with delight as she felt his hands begin to roam freely over her rump. Her body began to tingle once again and although she tried to stifle them she couldn’t prevent little gasps escape from her as she felt his fingers slide between her legs and tease what he found there. Time and again she felt him skirt her entrance but time and again he stopped short and return to her bottom.

He moved forward and she felt his hands moved forward to cup her breasts as they hung beneath her, her nipples welcoming his touch and kissing his palms in response.

But more interestingly she also felt his hardness rising between her legs to kiss her perineum and for a long while that is all that happened’ both bodies enjoying the intimacy of their shared experience. And then he kissed her neck and time stood still. He held the kiss for ever and she relished it. No-one understood her wants and needs like he did.

Oh yes she had had men before but this was different. He delighted in her alone, felt no need to boast, felt no need to posture, felt … right!

At last he released his grip and gently gathered her into his arms and carried her out of the bathroom and back to the bedroom where he placed her gently on her feet.

“Well here I am standing in front of you. Do you not wish to see who I am?”

“No I will remain masked. Your looks are irrelevant to me. I wish to know you as you are not as you look.”

“So come know me then.”

And she tentatively moved forward with arms extended until she met resistance. Wrapping her arms around his body she held him tight and lifting her head sought his mouth with hers. Her lips met his and as only a woman can, conveyed her needs to him. Both were fully aware of the way her proud, joyous breasts thrust themselves into his chest and of the way her pubis ground into his as she did so and the effect it had on him.

At last she released his body but only to rake her nails down his flank until they closed around what they sought.

And there it was enclosed in her grasp, standing proud for her and her alone ‒ her personal flagpole and it was time for sundown.

Dropping to her knees she moved her head closer delighting in his maleness. He gasped as she lowered her mouth around it. Slowly she showed him that a mouth is not just for speech. Sometimes volumes can be written silently and this was one of those times.

She showed him that she loved him, she showed him that she delighted in him and best of all she showed him that needed him.

As he came into her mouth she gripped him tightly and held him close. He was not going to escape from her as she had let others before him. And he made no attempt but stood quiescent as she hugged him in her passion.

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