Muse's Story Part VII  

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Muse's Story Part VII

She felt first one, then two fingers enter her, and all the time his tongue was flicking oh so gently over her clitoris, every sense was alive, anticipation on red alert for what was to come.

He knew her so well; he knew how far he could take her before there was no return, he knew her breathing, he knew her need. Time after time her
took her nearly to the edge and then brought her back again, watching as her need grew, her breathing hastened, and still he waited.

She couldn't open her eyes, raging torrents of pleasure ran through her body, the cold water of the waterfall adding to every sensation … and
she knew he was waiting, and he wouldn't take her there until she did.

She forced her head forward and opened her eyes, they met his, and as they did his tongue moved faster. As he sank into the pools that were her eyes … she came.

There was nothing more beautiful to him than to watch her orgasm, and as he did he felt his manhood grow.

She couldn't control her body and she didn't want to, her eyes kept with his until the very last second when her head fell back and she became one.

She screamed out her release and felt its escape. With her final shudders she sank into him and he caught her, he held her close as she tried to get her breath and her tears came at the sheer beauty of it.

His fingers under her chin, lifting her face and bringing them back into eye contact made her purr. Her hand moved forward and found his hardness and slowly moved up and down.

Their eyes locked and as his breathing deepened he moved her around in one movement until she was sat astride him, her hand still rubbing up and down his hard manhood. His mouth sought hers and she grabbed his hair as he grabbed hers and they pulled each other together, as their tongues met she slipped his hardness inside her and took him. They were as one as she rode her naked body up and down his, feeling every inch of his hardness deep inside her. His hands reached for her breasts, squeezing them pulling at her hard nipples until she could stand it no more and pulled him from her lips, hardly able to breath she moved his mouth to her waiting breasts.

Her own hand held her breast and offered her erect nipple to his mouth and she watched as he teased it with his tongue, circling and flicking but not accepting. She lifted off him until just the tip of his manhood stayed inside her moving slowly up and down it, keeping it just inside her until he lent forward and took her breast into his mouth, as he sucked deep and hard she lowered and took all of his hardness deep inside her, the harder he sucked the harder she rode him, his fingers sunk into her pulling her ever closer, burying every inch of him inside her, her muscles tightening around his shaft, he felt the volcano start to build deep inside him. He didn't know if it was the water rushing around them but he couldn't remember a time he wanted her more. He felt himself falling back, her mouth meeting his, he tasted her tongue and her need, his hands went behind her and guided her movements until his hardness felt her muscles pulsate and tighten around him, her lips left his and with hands either side of his head, she lifted to meet his eyes, as she looked into his soul he moved her hips until they exploded together, their shudders and screams bringing them to mutual climax
and exhaustion.....

Wrapped in each other’s arms they slept.

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G'day mate

I can see that you've been busy.

Can I borrow Sandy and Dee for the weekend?

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