Muse's Story III  

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8/23/2006 1:54 pm
Muse's Story III

She left his rooms without so much as a backward glance, how she kept her breaths slow and even she did not know. He had changed from the boy that had stood before her into the Man he now was.

Never knowing that he had leaned against his bedroom door as she left, shaking his head in amazement that she could be the same slave that kept her head bowed and silent before he left. He smiled to himself and shook his head, he breathed in deeply and smelt her scent, and his hardness was once more.

The Castle was being made ready for the celebrations of a conquering hero and in another Castle near by, his prize for winning the battles he had fought was being made ready, to be joined by marriage.

But his thoughts kept going back to her - the way her fingers had caressed his hair, the way her eyes looked straight into his, how he sank into them and was the first to close his own eyes and lose contact.

Her duties done for the day, she retired to her room … and to thoughts of him. Stupid blind thoughts that could come to nothing, and in her anger and rage she thrashed around the room screaming into the darkness, tearing at her clothes, pulling at her hair until she was spent.

As she collapsed onto her bed, her hands became his, she fought against it, but he was Master. She closed her eyes and gave to him.

His hand went inside her torn bodice and found her erect nipple, squeezing it between his finger and thumb as she groaned into the pillow. He kissed the back of her neck and she felt his tongue on her ear.

Master turned her over onto her back holding her hands above her head, and looked into her eyes, 'I will move my hands but yours stay where they are Slave’.

He kissed her neck, he could almost taste her heart beat, and he gloried in her breathing. His mouth went down her throat very slowly, and he heard every breath she took, he heard the changes and knew that she was close.

The banging on the door brought her crashing back to earth, it took a few seconds to understand that imagination had been to call. After hastily straightening out her clothing and hair she unbolted the door. 'You have been sent for, Master awaits you in his chambers … ‘

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