We Can't Dance Without Nana  

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6/24/2006 4:01 am

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We Can't Dance Without Nana

My beautiful gorgeous daughter who I dearly love as a father should love his daughter attended her High School Prom last evening as she has just left to move on to Sixth Form College.

Now we have a probably rose-tinted viewpoint of your affairs but ours are peculiarly British ie they’re embarrassing, barely organised and everybody dances with their own sex. I will refrain from making any particularly unfunny references to gay nightclubs at this point.
Well she and I were discussing the evening and she remarked that they didn’t start dancing till late as Nana wasn’t there. I asked whether she was part of an intricate routine. ‘No,’ she said ‘ we just can’t dance without Nana!’ And I stared at her with awe. Out of the mouths of babes! Yes clear proof! We are winning!

I can’t breathe without you; for you are my oxygen
I can’t sing without you; for you are my song
I can’t dance without you; for you are my rhythm
I can’t laugh without you; for you are my joy
I can’t love without you; for you are my heart
I can’t; do anything and do not wish to

And without you I am lost and flawed and hopeless and weary and dispirited; doomed.

For you are my Alpha, my Omega, my Lord, my God and friend.

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