To Fairie  

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To Fairie

And so it was that that as they roused they did so with a new determination and a new goal. This had been discussed during the evening and all were excited as they thought of where they were to be heading.

But as the ladies wanted to look their very best it must needs behove another visit to the pool for a group hug, caress, frolic whatever you want to call it in the interests of cleanliness. And as the ladies were determined to look their best he was only to willing to come along for the ride and if they wanted to make sure all his important little bits were spick and span then who was he to cavil at that?

So what started as an altruistic acts soon degenerated into a giggling mass of squirming bodies as they found more and more places where close personal attention was a must but as finally all good things must end they reluctantly climbed out of the pool and returned dripping to where they had their camp.

And then the fun really started. Obviously bearing in mind their destination the ladies were to be attired in woodland green but what was he to wear bearing in his mind his habitual garb of bright black? Well blue was the eventual choice after a struggle that involved two naked woman pinning him to the ground with various interesting parts of their anatomy and as let’s face it any part of a woman’s anatomy is interesting he was somewhat spoiled for choice.

It did take somewhat longer than strict propriety allowed but hell this is the first time that strict and propriety have been seen in these stories let alone side by side.

So let’s just vouchsafe that an accommodation was reached but he did make them promise to pin him to the ground in like manner any time they felt he was being unreasonable and in his turn he promised to be unreasonable on a regular basis. All things considered they had enjoyed the argument.

Now hard is it for three supposedly adult people to dress themselves, after all they’d been doing it themselves all their lives?

Well let’s review what they were to be wearing for their adventure. We’ve established that the ladies were to be wearing woodland green for outerwear and when we talk about outerwear we’re talking close- bodiced floor-length gowns of crushed velvet with décolletage bordering on the scandalous. Believe me they were going to look stunning but not too stunning as shall be understood in the next episode.

Now that brings us neatly on to the undergarments. As usual they were to be wearing their habitual waspies one of sheer yellow and the other of a crimson hue. Unite those with high–cut briefs of satin to match their waspies, sheer stockings to match and little ankle-strappy boots and you have a picture in your mind of sex on legs twice.

Now picture if you will what fun can be had removing those with your teeth! Good visual isn’t it? But we’re not removing them are we? No you see why it became that hard in more ways than one for three supposedly adult people to dress themselves and why the day began to stretch longer and longer into itself.

Eventually they did try to dress appropriately for their encounter but it had been a lot of fun and no-one was left out as he found out when two glorious women turned their beady eyes on him and the underwear lying before him. He didn’t struggle that hard but he did cheat outrageously when the girls were otherwise occupied.

But at last he was dressed in his promised blue and the ladies were, as promised, stunning and so booted and suited, collared and cuffed our heroes set out to Fairie and for the Court of Queen Titania.

The Aftermath

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Gotta ask what is a widget?

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Hay I always thought that a widget was a makebelieve thing

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Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....NOW I get it!!!

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