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The lady in the picture is happyladychat As you all know Happy gives everyone to understand she is a very private family woman. As you will see the truth is somewhat different.

In reality she is a member of a highly sexed order of mendicant nuns called the Sisters Are Doing It With Themselves Order of China. As you will appreciate it is an enclosed order.

Happy is a wonderful Chinese lady and a great friend and her pic is never seen on this site. I do hope her sense of humour is working today.

Brits and Honorary Brits Strut Their Stuff

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8/3/2006 10:40 pm

A bloke who supports nuns cant be too bad. Good on ya mate!

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You almost caused me a heart attack when you mentioned you posted my pix. Nottie you.... I can never leave you alone for too long, can I?

Since you blow our cover, we have been receiving endless applications from females to join SADIWTOC. And men are offering blank checks to bid for nunnery attires as sexy gifts for their lovers.

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT To avoid raising further attention that invite authority's investigation, we have decided to suspend SADIWTOC.

Dusty, the management of SADIWTOC met up and decided to issue you with an special membership that you have begged us for so long. You'll receive your membership notice letter soon. No more publicity please.

Make it your challenge.... turn me ON!!

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