The Pool - A present to you my friends  

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The Pool - A present to you my friends

And in this fashion they left the past behind and ventured out into the sunshine and how Lilith exclaimed as she saw how much had changed during her entrapment but there was to be no looking back ‒ all the past was dead and buried. This was new hope, a new future, new joy ‒ a new dawn.

As they walked together she couldn’t help laughing and leaping on them and hugging and kissing them spontaneously in thanks for rescuing her but in truth they had all to be thankful for. They had a new playmate and travelling companion in wherever this journey was taking them.

As the day progressed they became more than ever aware under the heat of the sun that it had been a long time since they had been able to bathe - indeed Lilith couldn’t remember the last time she had done - and the ladies began anxiously to scour the surrounding countryside for signs of water.

And as soon as they had just about given up hope they rounded the corner and there they saw a sight that fair took their breath away. The most beautiful pool they’d ever seen, there it was glistening in the sunlight as if it had been deliberately placed there for their benefit (will you stop making your own story up. I can write this how I want to) and they looked at each other awestruck before they moved slowly towards it.

Now there is a time for throwing off your clothes and running to dive swallow-like headfirst and there is a time for a reverse divebomb ‒ this was neither of those. No, on the contrary this was a time from start to finish for lithe, sinuous sensuality and they all recognised this.

So slowly, tantalisingly they divested themselves of their garments until they stood grinning, expectantly, naked as the day they were born.

Lilith reached out her hand to her new playmate and together they slowly entered the pool. He hung back ‒ any chance a man can get to watch two naked women walk slowly into a pool together is a chance to be embraced, to be gloried in, to carry to your grave as one of the most beautiful sights on God’s earth. And if perchance those women love you, then only a blind fool would forget that (ever get the impression I like women? Lol.).

So he watched the rise and fall of their cheeks, the sway of their hips and the tantalising glimpse of their breasts as they walked to the water and began to walk deeper watching as first the water reached their knees then their hips, then their stomachs watching as the water then worked its magic upon their nipples until they finally disappeared under the surface.

They were still kissing passionately when they emerged their hands roaming free upon each other’s bodies.

And as they turned towards him with that look in their eyes the sun rose anew. As he had looked at them earlier they looked at him now. From the top of his head to his eyes to his chin to chest to stomach down through his pubic hair (this is hurting me ladies!! The things I do for you!) and finally to rest on his manhood.

As his eyes had drunk of them earlier so they slaked their thirst on him and were not satisfied, not yet. He felt his manhood rise to salute his beautiful ladies and knew that tonight was going to be like the Siege of Mafeking ‒ it was going to be long, it was going to be hard and there would be no withdrawal.

As he reached them they opened their arms to greet him and suddenly they were all whooping with delight. Here they stood uninhibited, adult, doing no harm, enjoying each other; so what possibly was wrong about that? Absolutely nothing at all and never would be in this world.

When they recovered their composure they looked for soft sand and proceeded to scrub each other clean and often in places that didn’t need it but loved the attention from two different sets of hands at the same time. And after the scrubbing came the kissing and the licking and the caressing and the fondling …

And at last they inspected each other and declared themselves satisfied and so with rivulets dripping from breasts, buttocks and manhood they sashayed arm in arm and hip to hip out of the water to dry off and rest together before commencing what they had planned for the evening.

But as they were selecting their resting place Lilith turned and said 'You know something it's been so long since I've eaten anything do you think we might be able to find any salad around?'

'I'm so glad you mentioned that' said saintlianna. 'I hope you don't mind me dropping in to your story but I thought you might want to eat something before your evening frolics. I've brought my portable salad bar. Do help yourself whilst I explore a little. I'll be back soon.' And promptly left the story.

Story Three A New Dawn

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