The Meadow - This is it  

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The Meadow - This is it

Actually I don't like this style generally but it was requested so it's an attempt. May I have criticisms please - as detailed as you want to make them. I won't mind and I want to grow. I'm serious.

And so they proceeded down into the meadow continually marvelling at the new sights that presented itself to their senses at every twist and turn.

It was a lovely day for enjoying a new environment especially one that was so alien in aspect that everything was a new experience so in actuality alien and like before they saw so much that captivated their spirits that they hardly noticed the time passing.

What they could not fail to notice were the people who suddenly appeared as if their very purpose was to appear thus and greet their Lady and her ‘sport’. The men bowed low and the ladies curtseyed deeply exposing their bosom to best advantage whilst looking lasciviously into Mistresses’ eyes as if challenging her to say no.

What also was apparent was the way they looked at him with a mixture of amusement and knowing smiles as if they knew with absolute certainty what was to happen next ‒ which of course they did …

And so it came to pass, as things often do, that they became somewhat overcome with the heat of the day and found shelter in the shade of an enormous tree and lay down to rest … oh dear.

He woke up feeling groggy which wasn’t surprising as it had been one hell of a party and he had been drinking far too much as usual.

Last thing he remembered he’d been boasting about his prowess to this fabulous woman who seemed to be interested in what he said. But he remembered nothing more and here he was again in his own bed, another one bites the dust …

He yawned and stretched, that was odd. He opened his eyes and found to his horror that he could not move his hands or feet. As he looked down at himself he found he was totally naked and this was not his bed or his room.

Just as he was about to search his memory further the door opened and in walked the vision from last night.

He remembered clearly the exact moment she had walked into the room. She fairly took his breath away. Elegant, tall for a woman and slim with the most gorgeous hair, which tumbled, down her back.

He was about to speculate further about the rest of her when he noticed the riding crop she carried which she proceeded to thwack against her boot.

“Hello, you may remember we met last evening! If you remember you were telling me many things you wished to do to me and then you passed out. You aroused me so much that I determined to see whether your tongue was as good as you said it was. As you can see I have brought a friend with me ‒ she would be very, very disappointed if you have been lying to me …

“So let’s make a start, shall we?”

And before his astonished gaze she put down her crop and began to unbutton her blouse. Button by button she tantalisingly revealed herself to him. As the last button came undone she let her top drop to the floor and she stood revealed before him. She wore a Basque but open at the bust. Her breasts were undoubtedly perfect ‒ his mouth ached to kiss them. Her nipples began to harden as he gazed upon them, his palms itched to caress them, his lips yearned to enclose them and his tongue ‒ well it would get its exercise soon.

She stood before him seeing his reaction. “Like me, no? So should I continue?”

She began to remove her skirt very slowly and seductively and suddenly stood only in silk stocking, high boots … and nothing else.

“So, is this how you imagined me when we talked last night? Look at my hairs; see how I brush them with my fingers. Or should they be yours? Do you like me shaven or would you like them longer? Up to you, for so long as you cannot fulfil what you promised me last night you will remain here. You will not sleep, you will beg for release, but none will come. You promised me the world … and you will deliver with your body.”

As she spoke she moved purposefully towards the bed and climbed upon it. Kneeling before his groin her hand snaked out towards his as it stood rock hard before her and clasped it lightly.

“What have we here? Is this for me? Little me? Is it ready for her ‒ and she positioned herself above it and lowered herself down until her entrance began to tease him, resting on it and nearly but not quite taking it into her ‒ no I don’t think so! She needs a lot more attention before she comes out to play. Let’s see if your tongue is as good as you said it was, shall we?”

She inched up his body until she knelt before his face, her womanhood gaping before him.

She lowered herself onto his face and allowed him to explore her as she wriggled and gasped. Oh Lordy he was as good as he said he was and she cupped her breasts as she did so playing with herself and biting her lip.

“Don’t you want to play with my nipples? Those chains are only for play. Up to you but you did promise.”

He broke his chains and as she wriggled above him moved his hands to caress her breasts. His fingers found her nipples and rolled them between them feeling them stiffen. He could tell by the way her hips moved that she enjoyed that. Slowly and then faster went his tongue as he teased her to release, his tongue entering her time and time again lapping at her juices. He licked all around her, his mouth playing with her clitoris. As he brought her to release she stared down at him and grabbed his nipples squeezing them hard as she bucked and shouted in pleasure.

Afterwards she sat astride his chest: “So now you’ve got me really wet what are you going to do to make me really horny? Shall we go find out?”

She turned around so that her head was now above his manhood and gripped it moving her fingers slowly up and down.

“Not bad at all but my mouth is hungry right now. Let’s see what is available to eat. Oh look what I have here!!

She moved forward to kiss his balls, opening her mouth to take one and then the other into her mouth sucking them noisily and greedily her tongue licking them inside her mouth. Still pumping she lifted her head and drew her tongue up his shaft until she got to his glans and turned with a lustful expression.

“Fair, no?”

As she turned back she thrust her bottom backwards into his face and bent to her task opening her mouth and taking him within.

He gripped her hips and drew her towards his face. He started to lick her bottom languidly and thoroughly. She liked that; he could tell by the way she responded. She wriggled and thrust herself onto his tongue and redoubled her efforts until he could hold no longer, shooting into her mouth.

As she licked her lips she turned her head “You promised to dance with me but you did not. I want to dance now. I see that you are a little tired at the moment so I will dance for you.”

So she got up and before his eyes began to gyrate slowly around the room and she did so she caressed her body, from her face to her breasts, teasing her nipples with her fingers. Down her flanks and to her glorious bottom and then into her pubic hair and then finally between her legs.

“Would you like to dance with me? Come dance with me!”

So he came to dance with her and fused with her ‒ became her. With fingers interlocked what she touched he touched. Turning to him she came forward to be kissed and as they did their merged fingers entered her. She bit her lip and looked up at him with a look of triumph.

“Mine now and soon I will claim my prize but let’s dance now.”

So in this fashion they gyrated slowly and closely together until they felt him rise between her legs.

“Your time!”

He sank to kneel before her and she positioned her legs to cross behind his and brought herself down onto him lowering herself onto his pelvis.

“I have imagined this moment all through the night as I played with myself as I waited for you to wake. Is this not good? Do you feel me grip you as we ride this tornado together?

“Mmmmmmmmm you feel so good, this is how imagined it. I can’t wait any longer I must feel you shoot inside me.”

And so faster and faster they rode each other until they came in a rush and in her passion she raked his back with her nails.

They lay together for a while and then she got up and started to dress.

“I’m sorry but I must leave now. You are welcome to leave but once you leave you will never see me again. I will come back here and I hope to find you here. In this room I am yours totally and will do anything you wish, wear what you want, use whatever toys you want and bring other women if you wish.

“Think about what you want. I will be back soon my lover.”

She bent to kiss him and then she was gone leaving him dazed and alone.

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Its he a Cherry?

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Quite tantalising, Dusty.


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