The Dungeon - Parte Ye Seconde  

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The Dungeon - Parte Ye Seconde

And so they dreamed as before but this time they were not alone not alone … in spades.

She lay stretched face upwards across the whipping post, totally naked, and as she looked around she saw that the empty cages that she had previously seen hanging around the walls were still there but they were now very much occupied by men and women alike all in various states of undress and all ‘touching’ themselves.

All in the cages wore haunted, hungry, burning expressions as they stared down at her nakedness expecting pain, relishing it, wanting it, demanding it, inviting it.

And then he was there beside her, naked too and very, very pleased to see her as she could joyously see - she never tired of seeing his reaction to her - and so could all those stretched around the walls as they moaned and writhed and licked their lips awaiting the commencement of tonight’s ‘entertainment’ and chuckled at her ‘discomfiture’ or so they surmised … wrongly.

And at that point in strode Lilith dressed as before “Well here we are all ready to start. The participants are here. Well, look at you dear don’t you look good enough to eat ‒ now there’s a thought, must remember that in a bit.

“Oh we seem to have an audience. I do love an appreciative audience don’t you? Well let’s see whether you’re ready to give our audience a good performance.”

And smiling she strutted up to him “You don’t mind do you? No I didn’t think so,” and reaching with her hand clasped him warmly in her fist, just testing of course ‒ the odd squeeze or two too many was ... well, Lilith was a friendly girl didn’t like to disappoint.

And then Lilith poured herself like liquid sex towards her and slowly, sensually, delicately trailed her hand and the catseyes23 it carried ‒ oh sorry I didn’t mention the cat before did I? Whoops, silly me ‒ up her body from her ankle, up her legs until it reached her womanhood and moved upwards ‒ she was rather disappointed by that ‒ until it reached her breasts whereupon Lilith stroked her with the cat watching as her nipples flared from sleep into very much wide awake.

And smiling even more and looking her straight in the eyes, watching her reaction, Lilith trailed the cat back down her torso until the end rested between her legs again. “Well let’s see whether you’re ready shall we?” all the while stroking the end against her clitoris. She felt her body reacting as she was stimulated and then gasped as Lilith formally introduced cat into her.

“Like that do we? Well, we’ll see how we get on and then see whether we can organise something a little more intimate. But we have our guests to consider, they must be starving, we must give them ‒ and you ‒ something to eat.” And with that Lilith lowered the whipping post to the horizontal, straddled her face and lowered herself onto her waiting tongue and oh my could Lilith wriggle impressively.

Now as his lover was giving her all at the other end he conceived a notion to do some exploring of his own at the traditional venue and so it was that those around the walls were granted a special treat.

End of part II

Part III this evening (London)

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5/20/2006 6:54 pm

And he's about to get married! Would his future wife approve?

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5/21/2006 3:48 am

you definitely have your own way with words...

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