The Court Of Queen Titania Part II  

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The Court Of Queen Titania Part II

Stepping back she surveyed the trio as they stood breathless and agog at the vision who stood before them in her magnificence. Think of the most beautiful woman you can envisage, then add to that an alien, eldritch quality and then an agelessness that screamed feminine sexuality at its apogee. Not even close to capturing what stood before them.

This woman could raise the dead and perform such acts that young men would rush to write execrable poetry and comely maidens would lie abed dreaming of the ‘first time’ with ‘him’ (I think we’ve all worked out who I mean, haven’t we?).

A broad smile enlightened their lives as she surveyed them. ‘I’m so very glad you’ve finally plucked up the courage to make your way here. Not too many do you know and they miss so much. Ah well their loss I suppose. Well anyway you’ve found your way now and may I bid you a warm welcome to my Court.

‘As you will have gathered I am Titania and I rule Faerie with a rod of gossamer as you will find out. There are many buffoons here and I love to laugh but rule I do and my word is law. I understand my rules, such as they are, have been explained to you and they are rigidly enforced. However adhere to them and we shall all get alone famously.

‘I am really pleased that you have all made an effort to grace my Court so elegantly and you all look magnificent but as you see there is nothing that can harm us here and I like to keep as unencumbered as I can.’

Looking down at herself she looked at them archly as they took in her magnificent torso, their eyes following down to a free-flowing skirt of ‒ well let’s just say it paid lip service to opacity. Nearly naked she was but the effect was far more erotic in its scarcely hidden promises of delights to be savoured. And she knew it.

Of course she knew it but confident in that knowledge there was no need to make anybody feel uncomfortable in her presence. She knew she could knock anyone dead but it was no importance to her to prove it.

‘Anyway I’ll soon have you out of those clothes. You must feel so overdressed.’ And she looked around at the other members of the Court as they lounged in various states of undress.

‘In fact why don’t we attend to that now ladies?’ And slipping between them she placed her arms familiarly round their waists and began to lead them towards her bowyer.

Looking back at him she grinned ‘And as for you I’m sure you’ll find plenty of willing hands to assist you out of your clothes. I’ll be back once your ladies and I have got to know each other “better.”’

As Titania led the ladies away he was suddenly surrounded by grinning women who took hold of him and jostled with each other giggling as they soon reduced him to the state where they considered he would be most comfortable - naked.

And having got him naked well it would be a wasted opportunity to get ‘acquainted’ with this handsome man wouldn’t it?

And did he put up a fight? Well he looked at it like this! The ladies were being royally entertained and she was more than enough for anyone but he didn’t have that luxury so the more the merrier. And very merry they all were as they got to know him very well indeed …

In The Court Of Queen Titania Part I


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Big Smiles! Thanks for inviting us over...

Dana & John

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It's a special post Dusty! I can hardly wait to read the next installment Sweetie!

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I want to live in this world! May I?

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Enojoyable and looking forward to part III. Take care.

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8/1/2006 10:25 pm

Just finished writing Fear of expansion. I would like for you to read it and if you like to pass it on to others. Thanks

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