The Banquet - Enjoy  

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The Banquet - Enjoy

And with him preceding her, leash in hand, they left the room both with broad grins; they were going to enjoy this.

As they approached the staircase with its long spiral sweeping down to the banqueting hall they stopped what had been a normal walk and he commenced a slow swagger and she an audacious and challenging strut.

In this manner they descended the staircase and as they did a hush descended followed by a gasp as the awaiting celebrants caught sight of him and then more importantly what was strutting down behind him; she made sure they took in everything she was wearing (or not) and what it was doing to her.

She felt vibrantly alive as she timed her sashay, her long stiletto heels stamping down on the bare treads drawing everybody’s eyes to her and once there they never left.

Masked she might be but she felt every eye fixed upon her body as they followed the way her breasts swayed as she ‘walked’. She could feel the fabric arouse her, her nipples thrusting proudly for all to see. Oh yes she felt their eyes on those as they issued their timeless challenge. Come get us if you think you’re good enough!!

And as she walked she felt her womanhood responding. In normal circumstances she would have felt shame but here, in this environment, with her man in front of her unworried and secure she delighted in showing her arousal to all. Something that he did and they would never know.

The women seethed as their menfolk drank in the sight. The leash proclaimed that she was owned and unattainable. Uncollared any slave was fair game and a meaningless dalliance to be discarded in favour of the next but here was ‘Slave’ strutting and displaying her sexuality for all to see and she was laughing at them. You can look but not touch. I am attained by he who leads but never by you nor you nor …

Master watched all enfolding before him but not once did he look round. He knew what she was doing, he knew how much she was enjoying herself and that their lovemaking later was going to be absolutely spectacular and that made him feel very special. Master/Slave was a mutual agreement and both loved it. And each other.

It had been too long since they had revisited this scenario and he determined they would not make the mistakes they had made before.

He stopped as they reached the floor and gently pulled on the leash so that Slave was brought forward. He whispered into her ear and she came to stand in front of him and turned to face him. He moved forward as she lifted her lips to his and as they kissed passionately his hand snaked to caress her bottom and drew her sex towards his as it stood rampant in his clothing.

Her hands mirrored his and in full sight of the company they showed how much they were one, as an audible groan rose from the throng. The ladies wanted him(and her) and the men wanted her but neither was available.

They turned to each other with lust-filled eyes and remembered suddenly why they were together. With apologetic eyes hands reached out and touched each other ‒ eyes, faces, breasts, whatever came to hand and jaded eyes became replaced by hope and amusement and love. One by one the couples paired off and left the hall without a backward glance, eager to explore their newly rekindled feelings until at last only Master and Slave were left.

Master ran the backs of his fingers gently down her body as she shivered lustfully.

“And am I adequate then Master.”

“Barely but you will learn!!

As he spoke he tore her clothing from her leaving her only in her boots. He lay her on the dining table and saw that she was ready. He unbuckled his trousers until his manhood sprung free.

“Well Slave this evening you have done passing fair so it is meet and proper that you should be rewarded.

“Open wide and receive your gift …”

Slave laughed and opened her legs wide.

"Ready or not I'm coming."

"Oh sweet Master, that I can guarantee!!"

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Very nice

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Well..this certainly does it for me. Wonderful story. Thank you.
And thank you for visiting my blog the other day.



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great story

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ok so i'm horny now

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