Presaging Tomorrow  

DustyWidget 61M
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7/13/2006 6:25 am

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7/13/2006 3:42 pm

Presaging Tomorrow


The gorgeous but very mad woman on the left had a notion to ask Dusty to keep her company during the week as her man was away. Pick those minds out of the gutter people. She asked me to write something for her each day to make her feel special I suppose. I thought all women were special?

I have been teasing her with a few lines here and there but now it gets serious.

Tomorrow I will post on this Blog In The Valley Of MorganLeFaye

Hope you all like it. I've no idea, I've got to write it still. lol

MorganLeFaye1978 40F
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7/13/2006 1:18 pm

I feel so special. I can not wait to read it luv. I am watching with much anticipation!


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