In the Court of Queen Titania Part Three  

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8/10/2006 8:28 am

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In the Court of Queen Titania Part Three

And so it was towards a motley heap of happy, laughing, naked people that a very naked and equally happy Titania returned some while later shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip with her equally unclothed companions.

As they were spotted an awed hush settled upon the woodland clearing. Think what effect three naked ladies appearing from the distance has upon the male consciousness as they sashayed towards them. One of nigh impossible, alien, eldritch beauty; the other two distinctly, indubitably human but not far short themselves. Then you will understand what you yourself in all your maturity does too.

Men rule the world, they say, but that is not true. Women own the world and once you have their full attention they may share it with you but not until you prove that you deserve them.
These women walked as if they owned the world and, of course, they did. And men drunk of their cup and remained forever thirsty.

It’s not enough to say that these women changed their world. It was far, far deeper than that. There was nothing they weren’t prepared to do for them should they ask. The trick is never to ask but to retain that power. All power is to be utilised responsibly.

The ladies glowed as they bathed in the adoration of the assembly. They knew full well what effect they were having on their audience but they also knew they must not precipitate anything untoward themselves.

Titania smiled broadly as the trio neared the entwined heap and looking him straight in the eyes said ‘Well I see you’ve been making yourself at home with my ladies. Two may play at that you know so I’ve been getting acquainted with your ladies too. Only fair after all.’

Grinning she went on ‘When you’ve regained your ‘strength’ you and I must have a little ‘chat’ or a long one depending upon whether you are able to match me. I am the queen because I am the best at ‘everything’ and as you can see ‒ looking slyly and slowly down at herself - I am all woman. Tell me, my hero, have you ever wielded your trusty sword for such as I?’

‘Of course not. I am Titania, there is nothing to match me … but fair Oberon but he is forever lost to me alas. If he were to return then this world would ring with such merriment that would never be matched but that will never be so we must carry on as best we can.

‘Anyway enough of such dour thoughts. Tonight is for feasting and loving to celebrate the arrival of our three guests within our ‘borders’ and so let us all prepare for the revelries to come.

'Let’s leave these halls and allow all to be made ready. It’s been so long that travellers have dared to come from ‘without’ that I thirst for news of developments. So come follow me and we will return betimes once all that must be done has.’

And so saying she held her hand for him to take and putting her arm familiarly ‒ and yes she did ‘accidentally’ brush his bottom on the way up - around his waist they left the clearing closely followed by the ladies whose hands never actually made it to each other’s waists …


VTLakesideVixen 61F
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8/10/2006 9:02 pm

Dusty this is coming along quite nicely! I think this is my favorite part so far. I do have a question for you--you may have already explain this, but if you did then I missed it. Yikes!!
Who is Oberon?

Hugs to you Dusty!

economickrisis 56M

8/11/2006 1:50 am

You tell a good yarn mate.

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