Dinner is Served  

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Dinner is Served

“All in good time,” a deep voice spoke. Then he was gone leaving her blindfolded and manacled but sated and incredibly happy.

She lay there on her own for quite some time reflecting on the past … how long had it been now? This was so unlike her. She had a past but so had everyone and had contented herself to living on her own but still she dreamt, she still had yearnings for … this! Yes she had wanted this for the longest time and now it was here she meant to take full advantage and then return to her old life.

A voice spoke. “I would not be too sure of that! I presumed you were hungry so I have brought fruits for you to savour. I am afraid I have forgotten the cutlery so we will have to be rather more inventive!”

And at that he placed what seemed to be a tray upon the bed. Delicately but very slowly she felt him place many things upon her naked body including the obligatory cherries upon her erect nipples. He then covered her exposed parts with whipped cream and various different sauces until she felt herself covered from neck to foot. With a final flourish she felt him insert what must only have been a banana into her.

“Let’s get started. Bon appetit ma Cherie and as you are going to get very messy so am I.”

It takes artistry to pick up food with only your lips and to transfer it sensuously to another’s but she soon recognised a master at work and soon her body was shaking with anticipation. The more she ate the more he provided to her solely with his lips kissing her body as he made his way down her frame. As each fruit was ended he began to lick her body and transfer that to her mouth and as her body became smeared he climbed on top of her so that he became covered in her as well.

He knelt before her breasts and bent to pick the cherries from her and dropped them into her mouth his tongue softly following and as she leant forward he kissed her for the first time. He turned around and went exploring between her legs his tongue rasping down her abdomen and into her pubis and finally between her legs.

She didn’t see why he should be the only one working and although her wrists were tied she knew it to be there somewhere so leant forward and closed her lips around his testicles, her tongue teasing in that special way that women seem to inherit in their genes. By his reaction he seemed to enjoy it so she resolved to do more of that by the time she was through.

By the sound of it he was far from through with her himself as he returned from his sojourn south with small recompense as she discovered when his questing tongue brought only a small portion for her. So he had no option but to quest south time and time again teasing more and more out of her and if for some unaccountable reason his lips found other areas along the way then he didn’t seem to mind and by the feel of what was building inside her mind neither did she.

And so it was at last that nothing remained inside her and she felt a great feeling of disappointment until she felt the fetters fall from her. With a look of grim determination she moved towards where she sensed him to be. Reaching forward she closed her fist around his erection with a cry of triumph.

She moved forward until she knelt astride him and lowered her vulva slowly onto his glans savouring the feeling as she sank slowly downwards until she could go no further. She knew she had magnificent breasts so she artfully lifted her arms behind her head ostensibly to arrange her tresses but every red-blooded male knows that displays a woman’s chest to best advantage. He needed no further invitation as he enclosed her with his arms and his face reacquainted itself with her nipples. Truth be told her nipples were not unhappy at his attention.
After a while her hips started to rotate and she lifted herself up and down his throbbing shaft, her vaginal walls gripping and kissing it alternately as she went about her task. It was a dirty job but somebody had to do it.

Neither wanted this moment to end so they took it slowly. Plenty of time, no need to rush! All the time in the world (Please, she thought). She felt his hands move down her back until they gripped her buttocks his fingers kneading her flesh and drawing her further onto his haft. But all things must come to an end and neither could hold themselves back longer. With one great shout they came together both hugging the other tightly.

They were entwined together for a long time their fingers exploring as if not quite believing the other was there. Take your hand away and it may be just a dream.

“Well you look a sight for sore eyes, so must I! Time to clean ourselves up!

Rewritten: Dinner Is Served Rewrite

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