Guys on the whole are not stupid???  

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8/22/2005 12:43 am

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Guys on the whole are not stupid???

I whent to see some movies the other day.
1)VALAINT ok But before.I got thru the snack bar I saw a guy almost slap his girlfriend.I rudely cut into the line between them."OPPPS" acting like it was an accident I offerd to buy her a drink.She was taken aback and thankful.I kept talking to her and signaling people to go infront of us.Her name is Steph 17 Green eyes and lovely red hair her idoit I mean boyfriend was looking like he was going to blow a blood vessel.I asked what she was going to see she said Four Brothers.I out of the kindness of my heart suggested she could see Valaint with me and see the later Four Brothers with me"I WILL BE HONEST I WAS TRYING TO PROVOKE THE *&*^%^&5"
I know it was wrong but it would have taught him a valuble but painful lesson.He "HURMPHED" I turned and stared him down.I then asked Steph if she had been given an Orgasm.She Blushed as all virgins do.The idoit said softly he was going get some seats for them and crawled away.steph and I got our food and I pointed out to her that the movies did not start for another 10 min.
I walked over to a table in the lounge area and signaled her to take a seat 10 Min to the start 15Min of previews.She seemed hesitate but I said it would be good for him to squirm and sweat a little.We had a great conversation. I told her what she should be looking for and do if the idoit touched her again.She said she was curious about sex.I out of the kindness of my heart when she hit 18 I would be glad to give her something she would tell her greatgrandkids about with small smile.She laughed and smiled.I told her that it was time for our movies to start.I gave her my address and phone#.On her Birthday I will take her out to a dinner and cake/icecream.
2)Four brothers THUMBS WAY UP
3)Dukes of Hazard ok It was better than I feared

Idoit was played by moron
moron is 19


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