my trip to Hell  

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3/10/2006 2:59 am

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my trip to Hell

well as i said in my last post i just got back from military confinement and man I mean it was hell. It was like going back to basic execpt now basic has taken steroids and lost its mind. I got a lot out of the experience and glad that I went actually in a way. Things could have been worse but my commander considered me as a asset to the team and did it to get my head back in the game so i could be the asset that he wants me to be. Yeah that was my military answer and I'm sticking to it dammit lol. Yeah I was challenged mentally with studying and learning things under great stress. Physically to overcome past injuries and meet the physical standards of the program. Meaning i had to get off my lazy ass and do something productive towards my goal of getting back in shape then trying out for the AF wrestling team which was a complete success. I also had to recite this paper they call the RMP Code of Ethics and when they said pray you had better sound off like you meant everyword of it. I might post it later on cause it is pretty long. But yeah im back and working like a mule in the field making up for all the lost time. On that note I also got to get back into my sexual beast of a form that i was in before my month of isolation lol. Anyway i know yall tired of reading this boring post but show ya boy some love and get back with me.


digdug41 50M

3/14/2006 6:48 am

hey DC glad you made it through the experience and you got something from it keep doin your thing man I respect that alot cyaroun bro

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