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9/6/2005 10:28 am

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just some on the mind

Most people dont keep up with my blog cause i dont update it enough of i just don't catch peoples eye but eh. Anyway i just wanted to write a lil story want to hear it here it goes.

I was chillen up in the Peg a few weekends ago. For those that dont know what the "Peg" is its Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada. Ok back to the story, I was chillen at the Au bar with a couple of my boys on a Friday night. It had been a long night the club was packed. I had been freakin on the dance floor all night and after a smoke break to go outside and cool down a bit I walked back in and back to the dance floor. As my foot hit the floor R. Kelly "Burn it up" came on and from across the floor i saw a set of emerald green eyes the seemed to light up the dance floor from behind her golden brown hair with blonde hightlights that just seemed to radiate in the club's light. She moved her hips to the music which was a mesmerizing sight. I slowly approached her and asked her to dance. With a smile that could melt a man's heart she said yes. With one hand on her hip is pulled her close we started to dance close. She runs her hand up my back and pulls me close. She tells me that she had been watching me dance all night and hoped to get the chance to dance with me. I told her I would dance with her whenever she wanted. I asked for her name and she said Christina. I run my hand down her side and then over her stomache. She had a nice tight body and big in all the right places. We danced the night away and on the last song she gives me a kiss and then walks away. Til this day i still feel that kiss but have yet to see her again. I feel as if god sent and angel to earth just for that small time and blessed me with that kiss. I dont know but I am happy with just that kiss and hopefully one day i will see Christina again.

Like i said this is all fiction but believe what ya want have a good one.


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