Tired of it all  

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3/23/2006 5:54 am

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Tired of it all

Thru my life I have experienced things ya normal 21 y/o male doesn't get to see. And thru all I have manged to triumph sometimes, as the old saying goes, by the skin of my teeth. I love my God, love my country, and the service I do for it aka my job. As of lately I have been doing alot of shutting up and coloring but dammit I am out of crayons. I am to the breaking point in which many people in the military will tell you comes quite often. The politics and games its all horseshit. I look everyday and see people saying support our troops and for that I say thanks. One thing I am tired of is the harassment of troops thinking that all of us agree with the president and believe in this war in which we don't. The constant deployments and being away from loved ones, the whole idea of you signed the contract your life belongs to the government. Damn I believe satan would have offered me a better deal than what the government did. Using people as stepping stones to gain rank. Its suppose to be like a family but instead you got a person who you are suppose to be able to watch your back on the battlefield or one of your commanding officer who you take orders from believing they are the best for the unit and trust them to take care of your family while you are there as you would do for them. Instead you get someone that digs a hole in you career to up his own and while you are gone they try to take advantage your wife or husband. Its shyt like that that I see everyday that pisses me off. There is so much I want to say and not enough space to say it. There is another subject that I want to go onto but that would cause so much drama that I don't want to see right now ill leave it alone for the now. Sorry for the long ass rant but I just had to get it off my chest and I felt that this was the only way I could that. Yall have a good one Im headed to bed so i can get a lil sleep before we start these damn 12 hour shifts again.


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