Johnny Good Dick  

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1/15/2006 7:50 pm

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Johnny Good Dick

Here is a old post from my other name that I thought i would just bring over. here it goes.

Johnny was the man from across the land that all the women knew
He laid pipe like a plumber and known to give orgasm with a lick or two
Johnny was big and cut up so he always caught an eye
Then on the sly why walking by he grab her hand and all was thru.
He would take to the look her deep in the eyes and drop down put his hand between her thighes.
Then with the flick of his dick he would see who could drive stick and do like no one could.
Head over the hood he pushed it in good from the back to front then back.
With the tip of his hat you would know where was at cause there was always a lady smiling
To no suprise no women ever denied the things that Johnny said he could do.
Now the story ends so tell ya friends of that you heard of Johnny Good Dick.
Now dont get to sick when you feel the good dick as it pushes up and rattles ya gut.

have ya good one now ya hear


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