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3/1/2005 9:59 pm

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I dont know about anyone else but here and there i have a wet dream that is so realistic it hurts. I just woke up from the greatest dream. I meet this chick down town at a frat party and we talk and next thing we know we sneak off to a dark corner in a hallway in the house. We start making out feeling each other up and down. I'm kissing her neck lips chest and then in a low moan she whispers "fuck me in my ear!" I pull up her skirt undo my pants and go at it. I have her up on the wall her legs wrapped around my hips just going at it. I turn her around and face her to the wall and hit from behind like that. This was intense sex the kind that lingers in your mind for days. After about 10-12 orgasms between the both of us I pull my pants up and she pulls her skirt down. At the end of the night i get her number and she tells me she sees why everyone calls me Cain and lets do it again tomorrow. I said straight gave her a kiss and as she walked away i woke up. I am covered in sweat and the jeans that I feel asleep in where unbuttoned. I feel so relieved but here is the bad part. I remember the girls phone number and everything but i can't remember her name for anything. It was just that real. O well thats my two cents for today.

let me know what ya think does it ever happen to you?

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