Confessions of Love  

DrksideCreation 33M
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9/27/2005 8:30 pm

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Confessions of Love

Love is a crazy that most people try to play like a game,
But in fact its your head running in circles cause your so caught up you dont know what to do,
Now love is amazing and wonderful but the problem with society today is falling in love to quick,
Not to sound like a prick, but people confuse lust with love.
Just because a guy can make you cum 20 times in a row or a girl has you thinking about the things she is going to do to you isn't love.
Love is that gut feeling that you get when you are only around this person.
Just one word from this person will make your day talking to this person makes your day go on.
Life is just that much more when you are in love.
True love should be mutual not the head games that most people play today to get what they want.
I can truly say I have never been in love I have given the world and more walked with the angels.
It all ended in a head game.
Some are probably lookin at my post like wtf now cause of the big change in attitude.
I have been in lust many times and that false since of love which some call puppy dog love.
The sense of being lonely then someone steps in and fills that gap for the time it is there.
Now i call out to my fellow bloggers and ask have you truly been loved?

digdug41 50M

9/28/2005 8:03 pm

yeah cain I can say I have,my wife shows me love by the things she does with me and for me and in being a bigger part of raising our children you know sometimes you dont realise what you have until you lose it or some one points it out to you to examine closer and people here and in real time have helped me see that today and I say thanx it's ruff sometimes but I have to learn to cope and I do everyday because to backslide now would be to spit in gods face and I aint doing that cuz I like where I'm going but its a bumpy ride. oh yeah cain there is a chatroom for the bloggers go to groups and look for bloggers of this friendly site and that is where the bloggers go cya there I hope, peace

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