What a weekend  

Dreambuilder64 51M
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7/13/2006 10:01 pm
What a weekend

Nothing like starting out on a real roller coaster and ending up with a honey that night making the bed feel like a roller coaster. We started out the day hitting all of the coasters at KI. Teasing each other, stealing toches, kisses and tickles as we ran from place to place. I think we hit all the coasters. She kept joking that they were making her horny and I thought she was just teasing. She remarked that she was a screamer. I thought it was only on the coasters. That night I had to help muffle her so she would disturb the neighbors. On the way back to her place she was holding my hand as we zipped down the interstate. We hit the lateral to 75 and she almost made me wreck. She slid my hand into her pants and asked me to feel how wet she was. I couldn't get the car to move fast enough. It was all kinds of crazy thoughts going througn my head as she would hold my hand between her legs and push her wet love box against my fingers and palm. I think she would have came if I didn't have to remove my hand to shift as we got off the interstate and made it up the hills to her place. I will have to finish this later. I didn't realize how late it was. Stay tuned.

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